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  1. My username is, well was when I made it, Kings Island related. First line from the song: For reference this song played in the queue/ station of Drop Tower in 2012.
  2. I know what his username means people. I don't know how you guys even think that's relevant to what I said, I certainly didn't bring it up in what I believe to be questionable choices from a person on an amusement park forum. What I had mentioned was his Avatar of him pulling a gun and, and his helter skelter style signature. I make mention of it, he responds to me and then proceeds to post a distasteful music video with the chorus "Let the bodies hit the floor". Would people be so naive to brush it off as a non issue? The same song he posted has been described used as a "soundtrack" of people who have committed murders: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/01/10/AR2011011006333.html
  3. ^ That is certainly a plausible theory, one I'd be all for. TimberWolf to my knowledge is only in use once a year. Could you imagine a giga hill being right next to, or even over the top of Drop Tower? Now that would be cool!
  4. I hadn't seen this before, thanks for posting. In my opinion the best build up for a ride at Kings Island was Son of Beast. That being said both Tomb Raider and Son of Beast announcements blow the major announcements for Cedar Fair out of the water.
  5. So you follow it up with a questionable post like this? Again I ask, what message are you trying to convey? This is a family site..
  6. So you follow it up with a questionable post like this? Again I ask, what message are you trying to convey? This is a family site..
  7. Kind of alienates the other people that have already posted in this thread. What I don't "get" is your avatar of what I believe to be you getting ready to pull a gun out of a holster. Compound that with your rather odd signature and you come off rather intimidating and possibly even deranged. What message are you trying to convey exactly?
  8. Since we're clearing the air here, you're no ray of sunshine yourself Shark6495. Happy people like to see other people happy. Too often I see you being snarky and trying to prove yourself right. Are people not allowed to have different opinions than you?
  9. Apparently it will be the end. "This is your final warning. If you create one more throw away topic as a temper tantrum about Mystic Timbers it will be your last post on this site. You're not amusing anyone" - BoddaH1994. You got the reading part down, but I think you're lacking in comprehension. Weird coming from a guy using YoungStud's avatar as his own...
  10. If The Racer does get an RMC conversion, you guys won't hear the end of it from me.
  11. But at this point I consider it to be relatively safe. It's in a good sized market without much competition (except when it comes to a winter fest). Also it's infrastructure is undeniable at this point, except for the lack of bathrooms in X-Base.
  12. What if the announcement is about new live entertainment for next season? Guns N Roses anyone?
  13. Blast Zone after change in ownership becomes Blast Tower.
  14. Racer would have started with one side going backwards, and now people would think it's neat that both sides go forward?
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