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  1. Though relocation within the park was always a slim to none chance (never say never!), I was always in the move BLSC to Days of Thunder/Thunder Alley camp. I think it would have been a much more fitting location for it. Of course, that was before Banshee.

    Backlot isn't a bad ride (it's pretty fun actually), I just hate what it did to that area of the park.

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  2. I would also add  regarding the dining plan, if I remember correctly from my trip, Cinderella's Royal Table is a 2 credit restaurant, so I'd also put that in the column against getting the plan.

    Extra Magic Hours do make for crowded days in the park they're in, but I also found that the later one at Magic Kingdom was a great time to hit some of the ride that had long lines during the day (It was 12AM-2AM so it was a very late night, but 7 Dwarves was only a 20-30 minute wait, with most other rides being walk ons). So I wouldn't rule out EMH because of the crowds necessarily. Maybe take a break at the hotel midday and rest up for a late night.

  3. Nice to see they aren't closed the day after opening day this year. Unfortunately, I think it has more to do with whoever rents them out not wanting to have their event on Easter and holding off until the following Sunday, rather than a change we'll see continue into the future.

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  4. Did you ride SOB before it closed?

    - Yes

    Did you like it?

    - Yes. Much more earlier on, and then a bit less after a few years.

    Did you ride it with or without the loop?

    - Both. Without the loop just wasn't the same.

    Would you have ridden it again if it had reopened?

    - Probably at least once. But it was pretty brutal the last couple of times I rode, so maybe not too often.


    - Banshee is better.

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  5. I disagree. I think the actual biggest complaint is that a well done (sure, not as well done as the original in Florida), about as close to perfectly themed, immersive, well-placed dark ride is being cheaply re-skinned to a currently hot IP. The issue isn't that it's not California themed, the issue is that Disney should have spent the money to develop an entirely new attraction worthy of GotG instead of continuing their trend of addition by subtraction. In the end, this is nothing but a cheap overlay of a great attraction. Will it be fun? Sure it will, it's the same attraction. But Disney should be better than this.

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  6. "It's gonna look like... a brand new attraction"


    Aside from the fact that this should have been an actual brand new attraction, I don't know if I can agree completely. Sure it's a lot uglier, but you can still see the Tower of Terror under all the new paint and randomly glued on pipes and spikes. Why does this fortress/power plant/warehouse have so many balconies, what is it? A hotel? Oh wait...

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  7. Went to Haunt last night and had a great time, may post my thoughts in that thread later, but on a more general KI (maybe Cedar Fair as a whole?) related note, I really don't like the new maps. I know they aren't new this year, but I grabbed one last night for Haunt and still don't understand why they did away with the folded maps? Haven't been to another theme park that uses this style of just giving you a big sheet of paper. Just a small gripe, but I don't get it.

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  8. Went to Haunt last night, did Field of Screams, Kill Mart, Urgent Scare, Madame Fatale's, and Slaughterhouse. General consensus in our group was that everyone like Field of Screams best for many of the reasons you listed. A very well done and at times disorienting maze. The farmhouse and barn at the entrance really set the tone.

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  9. Went to the park for the announcement yesterday and got to see the Christmas in July stuff on International Street. I know I drive this point into the ground nonstop but... the instrumental music on International Street. It may be Christmas music, but there are parts that don't sound Christmas-y at all and remind me of the old days. Just the music alone makes International Street feel so much more majestic. PLEASE KI, change it back to instrumental PERMANENTLY. We know that the ability to play different music in various areas of the park is there. Just use it already.

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  10. Love that video, thanks. Hearing instrumental music played on International Street again just makes me happy. It should be like that all the time.


    Anyway, hope this event is successful for them. Really like the look so far!

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  11. If sources on other websites are to be believed (and I think it's safe to say they can, as they predicted this months ago), the only reason that the original is safe is because of the woefully inadequate capacity at Disney's Hollywood Studios. So I guess the closures did one good thing for that park, I'd hate to imagine this monstrosity looming at the end of Sunset Blvd.


    I've also seen the "Disneyland will never be complete..." quote from Walt Disney being used by some people defending this move. However, I don't think that quote refers to doing cheap overlays of the best attractions the resort has to offer. Plussing a classic attraction to keep it interesting? Yes. Twilight Zone Guardians of the Tower of the Galaxy of Terror? No.


    Guardians of the Galaxy should have gotten its own brand new experience. Universal must be laughing at all the backlash Disney has seen so far at this announcement.

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  12. Wow. What a cheap overlay of a fantastic attraction. They can frame it however they want... But this is a cheap overlay. Plain and simple.


    Whoever originally hatched this idea to do an overlay of one of the best attraction Disney has ever created should be fired. After a year of record profits you decide that the best way to get Marvel into your parks is to get rid of a wonderful ride. At least it appears that Florida's Tower of Terror is safe.



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  13. Been busy lately, so haven't had the time to bring it up... But after my visit a couple weeks ago, I would love to see rehab of the Grand Carousel and the International Street lights switched over to LED so maybe they won't be a hodgepodge of burnt out and working lights.


    The current state of the Grand Carousel is sad.

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