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  1. I agree with everyone. I went one year and will never go to another BAFFD again. It was crazy!Unless your going to go sight seeing(witch will still be hard with all the people in your way and I highly doubt anyone goes to sight see-I know i don't-) Don't go! Wait for another day to got to the park when you can enjoy the rides.
  2. I agree and it just looked nicer than just a flat parking lot! I hope they get a new one soon!
  3. Boomerang Bay! It's really just water works upgraded with more slides more ammentities and a makeover! In my opinion there's no reason not to go there more. Plus I never really went to water works except for a few times. Its rollercoasters for me.
  4. The Beast! It is an awesome ride to ride before you leave especially at night!
  5. I agree slingshot is the most thrilling.
  6. I think if Kings Island is clearing out that much space it's going to be somehing big. So I'm think an Adam's Family Coaster is likely.
  7. If you buy on pki.com you can use the E-PAss option which lets you print out the season pass papers from home, and you don't have to pay a service charge. It's faster and costs less
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