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  1. Does Anybody have a link to the old survey?
  2. Not only those two shows but a lot of other shows on that wall havent been on Nick in forevever!
  3. I agree^, I like PKICentral's forums way better than PKIUnlimited's.
  4. I want a coaster next year as much as anybody, but if PKI wants to keep the kiddie area the best they have to keep improving it or eentually it won't be the best anymore. Anyways I have a feeling IJ:ST will be awesome!
  5. You're right, if you see something wrong then let them know. However, saying the park "needs help" is going over the boundaries. There's a difference between constructive critisism and critisism in itself. I have to agree with them^.
  6. I agree everything looks great! Great Job, keep it up!
  7. I didn't think that Snow Day indoor thing looked that cool but who knows, if they get it I may be wrong. :cowboy: But I do think that Spongebob thing would be pretty cool!
  8. I'll probably enjoy my winter and got to school,Play Video Games, Movies, hang out with friends, and go to this website for updates on IJ:ST. Hopefully spring gets here fast!
  9. Yeah, I forgot to include that ^. But thats another reason for them not to sell PKI.
  10. Why would Paramount sell PKI? if they even were going to sell a park (which they probably wouldn't) it would probably be some other Paramount Park not PKI. So I agree with everyone who is saying that he's looking for a job or something.
  11. Wow! How long did it take to type that?
  12. I voted for Beast/Scooters. Because no other crew pumps up the crowd before riding (or at least I haven't seen another crew). All the Crews are awesome!
  13. I agree^, Like I said I thought it was great I visited it about 4 or 5 times this year.
  14. :offtopic: When is major construction going to begin on the IJ:ST?
  15. I'm guessing the lines will be like the lines for Flight of Fear, or maybe a little worse because it'll be new.
  16. I Finally got to enjoy some of the Haunted Attractions(House of Darkness, Curse of the Crypt, Maze of Madness, and Circus of Horrors 3D). I thought they were all awesome! Anyways, I voted for Curse of the Crypt, but I enjoyed Maze of Madness more and therefore if I could I would revote and choose Maze of Madness. I thought maze of Maze of Madness was Awesome!
  17. I don't know, I thought Boomerang Bay was better than I expected it to turn out.
  18. I put more because the Italian Job Stunt Track is coming next year.
  19. I totally disagree. I was totally blown away by how well it was done. Yeah, compared to WaterWorks Boomerang Bay is much better! I went to Boomerang Bay more this year than I went to WaterWorks the whole time it was open.
  20. Yeah like GigglingGreenGhost said that link doesn't work.
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