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  1. 45 minute wait for Banshee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I do partake in the parking lot. Who can afford the price for a cold one inside the park? Like others have said keep it low key and keys out of the ignition. Bike security is tough to spot. Cedar Point has cameras in the lot and they are like ninjas. We nearly got caught but quickly put them back in the cooler.
  3. I love the fact that it's being renamed and getting a fresh coat of paint.
  4. At least KI isn’t being neglected by its daddy. I wonder if KI was slated to get a major coaster this year anyway. I hate to say it by GL loss is our gain and I am counting down the days to opening day.
  5. Change is good and Business is business! I welcome to experts at Cedar Fair! After all the big dog is going to eat. I am counting down the days to opening day!
  6. At least they went to a good cause. And they kept them in Ohio. It’s good to see business like this helping out in the community.
  7. I want to go but my daughter won tickets to Fort Rapids. It’s much smaller but with her winning those tickets it will have t do.
  8. Theming set us apart from the other Ohio parks. I hope Kings Island is able to keep them.
  9. Six Flags sells Wyandot Lake Amusement Park for $2 Million. I for one am very happy. Six Flags has not invested in the park in recent years. I know the Columbus Zoo will take the park in the right direction!
  10. I can’t wait to hit the park. I should be home and at the park in Early June!
  11. At least you got to go. Cedar Point doesn’t open until like May? Just be thankful they gear up weeks before other parks. I am sure it’s hard to staff the entire park when school is still in session. Wish I could have been there. My family went and had an awesome time with absolutely no complaints.
  12. Not this again. We will find out when the rest of the public finds out and not one minute more. A deal this big would never leak out unless they wanted it to. This seems to be another try and stirring up another string of wasted space on here.
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