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  1. well, they did have phantom theatre in there....
  2. 50 percent rain normally ends up meaning that it will probably rain at one point, but it is still a good time to visit. they dont really expect it to rain all day, so it will most likely rain, just not for hours on end. ill be there that evening, simply because of that forecast and the fact that its open till 10pm!!! and no, the starlight tickets you cant really beat like you cant get a discount on those, just the daily admission tickets.
  3. i am guessing that a huge percentage of the people are just people who want to get there moneys worth from buying a ticket, or using their season pass. my evidence would have to be saturdays. they are so much more crowded than say friday night simply because you dont have a whole bunch of people staying around just because it is free to do so. there is the saturday just being crowded factor, but id gather it wouldnt nearly offset the amount of lines that it gathers... and yes, going early on in the season, along with really cold weather tend to be factors in how busy a given haunt day is..
  4. idk, id say that it was more of the ride ops humor. there seem to be a lot of random stuffed animals at ride op stations lately... stewie is at flight deck, i saw a sylvester in a pod at Flight of Fear, a rubber chicken at beast, etc...
  5. yes, i dont know if you were saying that because i maybe inadvertantly implied that, or what but yeah i highly doubt they would allow you too, as that would require a wristband and would make things way too complicated, just like making everyone exit and reenter would have been complicated.
  6. you are not being denied access to 1.5 months of the park being open. in fact, its more like 1.15 months or something if you want to get technical, but my point is it is open from 10-6 on saturdays and sundays if you would want to ride the rides. the haunt attractions are completely separate from the rides, imo. and all the major attractions are normally open on haunt nights, but then again that is really just a side bonus and to keep the lines down...
  7. i dont really feel like they should lower the prices of the passes just because haunt is not included. It is a seperate part of the season, with the only difference in Kings Island and say another haunted house is that most of the coasters are open to offset the lines... also id rather go once and be able to actually go through everything, than for it to be free and have to wait in quite long lines and visit multiple times just to get in everything. the fact that you only would go once or maybe even not at all if it isnt your thing is the point...
  8. literally like i guess about a month ago they completely cleared out everything inside the walls, all the gunk, gum, whatever it was gone. right now it has a little bit, but so much better than it was.
  9. @blueangel04 i realize that you and your kids can go to haunt, and have a fun experience and that for you it is ok. however, i believe that this is a case of the few not outweighing the many. There are parents who teach their kids well, do not pressure them into things, and allow them to chose. Unfortunately, from my experience that is the exception. Many parents i have seen that drag their kids into haunt whether they want to or not, and simply cause a ruckus whether it be in line or when a scareactor scares them or whatnot. It causes some serious problems, and even though the park is covered with all of its warnings and signage, it still doesnt go away. You couldnt devise some sort of test, as that would be useless and time consuming so i feel like it should be this way. It may exclude a few kids that are ready, but im pretty sure that depriving a kid of Halloween Haunt until they are 13 is not going to cause any serious harm... and i am a sophomore in college, and have 5 brothers and sisters, with all being younger than me by quite a few years... @cedarpointer yes pretty much every coaster (except top gun) is open during the haunt. many other rides are open, but in my experience with the flats its hit and miss. if you want to go and ride, go for it. The Beast at around midnight with all the fake fog from the machines makes for an awesome ride!!!
  10. this whole argument doesnt really apply anymore, as ryan just posted that they will not be doing the close for an hour routine that was planned.
  11. i hope it is not. i sincerely feel as though it would be way better if it were a seperate admission instead of just anyone getting in. I feel the same way about the waterpark, but that will probably not change anytime soon...
  12. wheres terpy when you need him? anyways, this is great. im glad they arent making us lose that hour.... it just didnt seem plausible...
  13. the park should be awesomely empty. i went yesterday with walkon Diamondback, Flight of Fear, italian job, drop zone, etc. etc....
  14. i dont want a regular pass. they normally give you the free upgrade part till april anyways, its just the extra off. i just dont buy things blindly. there are many, many things that influence my decision on whether or not to get a pass.
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