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  1. I was at the park on Thursday (the 19th). "Totally 80s" was holding a full dress rehearsal and a lot of people were gathered around watching the show. We just caught the tail end of the show, but it was pretty good! I'd like to see the whole thing if I go back again. SMD
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    Hello everyone, Last year when we went to KI, no one was there. It was a Wednesday and we walked onto everything. Any idea on how crowds have been this year? We are going on a Thursday, so hopefully it'll be like last year, but I was wondering if the park has been packed on the weekdays this year. Thanks! SMD
  3. Last season, there was a snake in the tent over the "virtual reality" chair whatchamacallit next to the entrance to "Adventure Express". It was hunting a bird's nest. It was rather large and had the staff perplexed. How did he get up there and how are we going to get him down? SMD
  4. I don't think it's as funny anymore. Sounds VERY Familier. Huh, did I miss something? I never thought this thread would still be around after so long.....
  5. IMO, based on the one time I've ridden it (no loop), it was incredibly rough for a wooden coaster. All three of us walked off and had to sit down, including the two in the front part of the car and me in the back. It's not the side to side or the up and down that killed me, it was the jackhammering of the train back and forth. I was being slammed into the back of the seat. But, you'll read conflicting reports on this message board, so it's a crap-shoot. It may be smooth, it may suck. It's that inconsistency and the roughness that has me swearing off SOB. I rode it, I'm over it. But that's just one 24 year old man's opinion. SMD
  6. At least Vortex isn't obnoxiously long like "Top Gun". You walk for 7 minutes to get back there for a ride that's 60 seconds long and then you walk 7 minutes back to the park. I'd rather have a line too short for "slow" days than having a mile walk back to a short ride. But having said that, the "Vortex" queue is pretty short. SMD
  7. Before this year, the last time I was at KI was the year Flight of Fear opened. We waited for 3 hours. Even then, we saw people chicken out when they witnessed the launch. This year, went on 8/7...wait times were as follows.... Italian Job - less than 5 min Vortex - walked right in Flight of Fear - 20 minutes (it was 98 degrees with a heat advisory, the AC was why) Racer x 2 - walked right in Adventure Express - walked right in Top Gun - walked right in Face/Off - had to wait one ride cycle Son of Beast - walked right in A seat to recover from Son of Beast - walked right in Firehawk - 15 minutes The Beast - walked right in A friend of mine went on 8/24 and waited 3 minutes for Firehawk. THREE MINUTES!!! WebboySMD
  8. Or even if they were to move Dominator from GL to KI.... We can dream can't we? I just edited the Wiki article. Yes, we can dream...
  9. Or even if they were to move Dominator from GL to KI....
  10. Thanks! I know Wiki isn't the best place for info, but I thought I'd see if I missed something. I can see CF putting a new coaster into the park in 2009, but I'd expect something small next year, if not the next 2 if money is a problem like it's rumored to be.
  11. Hey everyone, long time viewer...first time poster.... I was just on the Kings Island Wikipedia page and saw this.... "King's Island is currently developing a floorless hyper-twister with B&M for a 2009-2010 debut. The ride will run along the edge of the park with the loading station in the vicinity of "The Beast". Although not the tallest coaster in existence when built it is alleged that the vertical run will surpass that of "The Beast" by at least 750-1050 feet. This ride is reported to use the terrain change at the back half of the park to present a first (possibly second) drop in excess of 312 feet. A final submitted architectural rendering is expected to be made available to Cedar Fair in the first or second quarter of 2008." Is this new? It's not referenced on the site, which is suspect, but no one has taken it down yet.
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