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  1. Is the 2018 season here yet?

  2. Excited that the coaster season has begun! 

    Have already visited 2 parks, hitting up IX Amusement Park in Cleveland, OH and then Kings Island opening weekend!

  3. Really missing the Smoky Mountains!

  4. Life is beautiful!

  5. Can April 15th be here please?

  6. Can April 15th be here please?

  7. Screamscape said it, therefore I believe it's true. The only report rumors that come true. :D

  8. I believe everything I read on the internet!

  9. Wishing people would stop complaining about something that brings KI money to bring new attractions and improvements to the park.

  10. Is it spring yet?

    1. SonofBaconator


      According to Randi Rico, no.

    2. Creed Bratton

      Creed Bratton

      I have no idea who that is...but it should be spring.

  11. Keith, I miss you buddy! RIP

  12. Rest In Peace Keith! Ride that big coaster in the sky!

  13. Life is like a rollercoaster....

  14. Can you connect me to the danish department?

  15. I'm alive....just ready to move back to Ohio.


    1. The Interpreter

      The Interpreter

      Hoorah and Congrats!

  17. hey hope to meet you at Carowinds on the 2nd!

  18. Trying to have a good day

  19. sittin here thinking. I miss coasters...they won't break my heart!

  20. Ronny, just looked at your portfolio after you posted it on one of the topics! Holy cow! That's amazing! I love following you on Queen City Discovery as well! Keep up the good work!

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