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  1. you are still here!!!!!

  2. Yeah, that's what I said. Why does that make AZkindaguy right? So I slipped and put a bad word in, and it made it seem like it contradicted itself. The point was still there, a good point, and I was still flamed. I don't think I'm the only one who has accidentally typed something that doesn't exactly say what the typer is trying to say.
  3. SNIP Yep. It's official. Your an idiot. I just changed the wording a little on that post so that you could get it. I thought what I said was simple, but obviously I still have to talk down to some people. From now on, just tell me you don't understand something I say and I'll try to explain it in an easier way than Layman's terms. Also, I did write this at night, I was tired, and when I'm tired, choosing perfect words becomes a little hard.
  4. I posted this on another thread, but I'll post it again. Other than things they might take out in HB, I think PKI has run out of rides to tear down. There are still some older rides, but most of us are convinced that PKI will not touch them any time soon, if at all. Is it really possible that the park will be forced to finally expand into the undeveloped land?
  5. Capacity is the only visible way of looking at popularity, but it does not prove it. There is no way of knowing how popular something is unless you polled the whole world. To show you what I mean: Suppose that Monster is much more popular than AE (as in more people on the planet like it than AE). You're not going to prove this with capacity. Monster gets 6-7 cycles an hour at most, with a capacity of 336 at the very most (this is the biggest rarity you'll find in this park). AE, on the other hand, gets somewhere around 30 cycles an hour, probably more, with a possible capacity of around 900. Someone from AE help me out with the numbers, I know they're somewhere around here, but I don't know exactly what they are. Now, more people may want to ride Monster, but it's a slow cycling ride, and can't fit as many people on in a day that AE can. Plus, people naturally hate lines, which Monster always has, so they gravitate towards the rides with no lines, namely AE. AE doesn't have lines because it cycles so fast. (And just maybe, it's not as popular as it's capacity reflects) These last few sentenences are entirely true, as I have been discussing myself, as an example of "the people," here. Monster was my favorite ride in the park until I finally got the nerve to ride Vortex. However, back then, the line for Monster was insanely long, and even though it was my favorite ride, I would not wait in such a long line for it. Conclusion: There is no other way to rate popularity of a ride other than it's capacity. But we should all know that this is not a perfect means of rating popularity. I have ridden AE many more times than Monster, but that was only because of the lines. I have always loved Monster more than AE. Edit: One more reason capacity doesn't tell all the facts: Suppose someone just looked at the daily numbers for TRTR this season, and nothing else. According to the numbers, TRTR popularity dropped by 1/4 in one year. Capacity doesn't tell them that seats were closed off on the ride and therefore the ride could not fit as many people on as last year. There is always a reason for the number of riders, but when you have a ride that has the ability to give a much larger capacity than other rides, it's almost always going to give it.
  6. Does anyone else besides me think that, excluding some things in HB, there's really nothing left for PKI to tear down. We still do have some older rides (Zephyr, Monster, Scrambler), but nothing that would give the park enough room to build another ride in it's place, unless it was just as small, and this isn't likely.
  7. Yes, and now my (and other people's) new fear steps in. Someone who owns the park but has never even been inside of the place and heard what people think of this coaster, makes the decision, like Eagles, that Vortex is old and it needs to go.
  8. That is what some people are worried about. If PKI takes Vortex down, it's going to stay down. For them, it would be better to replace it with the most modern ride they can find.
  9. So what you're saying is, at long last, humanity has created the first perfect device, one that will last forever if let be, and can not possibly show signs of age. Wow, I think PKI should start charging people just to look at this astounding object, let alone ride it. If only they had this kind of technology when they built The Bat. Sorry in advance for this very harsh and sarcastic post, I am very tired right now, but the point had to be made.
  10. First, I already explained why Vortex could someday be on the chopping block. Secondly, cheap is my word used to explain what was said to me by someone higher up whose name you're not getting: "PKI has sunk enough money into this ride." (TRTR) PKI builds well themed rides, but they don't like paying more money to maintain them. They only pay for what's necessary to keep the rides safe and running. How do I know Vortex needs track replacements? It's made out of metal, a material not known for it's perfection. Track does need replacing as it ages. Maybe not right now, but eventually. Jeez! They replace track on Racer and Beast, but you don't think Vortex will need the same treatment? TRTR was overrated, mainly because PKI did not make the ride long enough for what it does. Ask any guest, and they will tell you (assuming they don't hate going upsidedown) that they liked the ride, but it would have been worth the wait if the ride lasted a lot longer. And now, all of the issues have been adressed, (I didn't "avoid" any) I will now retire and wait for your reply that will, no doubt, have the direct purpose of arguing with me further over such minor details (that I never said were going to happen), and to simply say I'm wrong and I'm an idiot.
  11. Oh my God, not again. I'm not expressing what I "know" the park will do. I'm saying my opinion about Top Gun and why I wouldn't care if (if not want them to) they removed it. That's all! I state facts and observances on why it should be removed too. Again, That's all! I'm am entitled to my own opinions. I just hate when people say that the stuff I notice is completely wrong. It's people like this, that take everything I say and then turn it against me saying that I'm telling what the park is going to do, who are wrong. Since I know you all are going to read this and once again badmouth me for it, let me lay out what I have been saying: 1) I like Top Gun, but think it should be longer. No need to look into this, there are no alterior motives or anything like that. Thousands of other people think this too. 2) I have stated reasons, using my own observations in the park, why I wouldn't mind if they replaced Top Gun with something else. These observations have also led me to state why your average theme park would want to remove this ride for said reasons, were they willing to take on the costs. 3) I have not said that the park is going to do this, or claimed to know anything about the park's future plans, as it is more than likely these large coasters will not be touched for years to come. 4) I accuse everyone who thinks the opposite of #3 about me of being a complete moron. Thank you.
  12. Like I have already said, and I will tell you once again because maybe it didn't sink in, I don't hate arrow coasters, and just between you and me, I LOVE ARROW COASTERS! I love Vortex, I love AE, I like TGUN. I'm willing to bet I go to the park to ride rides more than you, and I have witnessed all the lines in just about every kind of scenario and day of the week. You can NOT say AE is popular based on capacity. Like you said, it runs more cycles than any other ride in the park, of course it's going to have a large capacity, duh! The only times I have ever ridden AE and had a full train were on crowded days. Any other time, the trains 3/4 full at most. Clearly, there isn't a big rush to ride this coaster. Next, Vortex. This is a very popular coaster, one of my favorites in fact. (You might want to read that last sentence again so that there is no more confusion in the matter.) The reasons why I think we will lose it eventually are as follows: 1) Flying Eagles. Paramount proved they don't care what their guests think, they'll remove whatever they want. 2) PKI is changing to become a more modern movie themed park. There is no room for an old coaster that has no theme to it. 3) Vortex needs track replacements, because it has an age limit, to keep it running safe. Paramount is too cheap to do this. It would be a "better" idea to just tear down the ride everyone loves and replace it with something guests are sure to call short and overrated. (*wink wink IJST*) Finally, TGun. I like this ride too, not love it, like it. But, it is not worth the long walk to get to it. ^Who would possibly think that it's not worth waiting in line a little longer for a much longer ride. Are you stupid? The ride never has a line anyways. It would if the ride were longer, you know this is true. Don't give me the "you're the only one that thinks this way" talk. Once again, it never has a line, (and I wonder why). The only times it has a line are on weekends, because everything else has a line too. In conclusion, I hate people who keep quoting me and taking what I say out of context. I am just being realistic ever since the park surprised us with the removal of the scooters, and I am just stating my opinions ( I don't think TGun is popular enough to keep, especially with the park owners minds set on removing rides to make way for new ones, despite the incredible amount of undeveloped land we have.). Extra Note: I worked on Top Gun for a year, back when it was more popular than it is now. It only had lines on weekends and BAFFD. Not because we worked fast and got a lot of cycles (we did do this though), but because no one entered the freakin' line. Also sitting up at SOB greeter, I could see how many people entered TG's line....and there weren't many. Once again, don't lecture me on how many people ride Top Gun, I've had experience and I know more than you in this matter
  13. Did I take surveys here or down at Carowinds? No, I did not. Where were the alleged surveys? When were the alleged surveys? Remember, this is your THEORY. You yourself can not prove this. Honestly, though, do you seriously think they move rides from park to park just because a small group of people, ranging from 100-5,000 people, say they want them more than the people who already have them. Think about it. In PKI, they would obviously survey people who just got off the ride, and ask their opinion of it. At least half the people surveyed would be from out of town, and only visitors to the park once a year at most. Anyone who was not a regular patron of the park would not reflect the general feeling towards the ride. (Down to Carowinds) Asking people who might not have ever ridden a scooters ride would also not reflect general feelings toward the ride. Scooters is one of those rides where you really need to know what it's capable of doing before you have an opinion of it. It is almost a sure thing that PKI would have more people liking it (since they have ridden it) than PCarowinds (where many people surveyed have not ridden a scooters ride before, some not even knowing what one was). If there was a survey, it would prove that Eagles was appreciated enough where it was to stay in PKI. Guests opinion was NOT considered in this matter. The decision was made by Paramount, because they thought it was a small ride that no one would even notice being gone, and an easy way to give another park a "new" ride. Must I keep reminding everyone how cheap this company really is.
  14. Trust me, TRTR will never be moved to another park, and they'll only tear it down when it starts costing them a lot of money to keep it intact.
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