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  1. maybe they will show off a prototype or the actual cars to make us all even more suspicious... maybe it is a new design... EDIT: I don't know why the quote didn't work but here it is in non fancy form locostitch, on 30 Jul 2013 - 12:37 AM, said: If the announcement comes tomorrow and track is visible then i told you all so as well. My original prediction was delivery tonight and announcement tomorrow
  2. I wonder if what everyone will see tomorrow is the arts and crafts Don mentioned the other night... Maybe he was saying arts and crafts leading to a model of the ride or maybe the design of the rides sign.
  3. So me and my sisters just ate lunch with our mother and were bored. We normally don't go on busy days due to the fact we have gold passes. We knew we wouldn't stay to long because we had to leave early so we were there for about 3 hours. First thing we did was go to diamond back knowing it would be the longest line probably. We were in line for about 40 minutes and since we had to wait so long i didn't think to look at the construction over at "Project 2014" to see if there was any "deliveries" in sight from the top of the hill and that makes me mad now (haha) we then continued to the kitty park because they have short line normally and i like to save big coasters for the beginnings of seasons while school is in session since i live so close. All the rides were running other than WindSeeker which i saw testing at the end of our trip. I really wanted to get a view from the top of WindSeeker but we had to go right after we got off The Beast Ratings for today: Ride op enthusiasm: 7/10- while the ride ops were doing their jobs the way they talked seemed like they didn't wanna be there at all and that they seemed bored and were being made to say the stuff such as exiting diamond back the ride op sounded bored when he said when i say diamond you say back. Cleanliness: 9/10 while the park was mostly clean some areas were a bit dirty Overall Experience: 9.5/10- mostly if was good but i would have likes to see more happiness in the workers of the rides. thank you all for reading this is only my second post on KIC.
  4. recently got big into researching this. Today i went to the park and it wasn't to crowded for the summer time but I didn't get the chance to go to Action Zone because i was with people who had to leave early. When I was going up the hill of diamond back i didn't think any to look till the top so i just got a quick gimps. I am thinking that by tomorrow morning they might have a sign, a model, or just the track piece laying out. BUT it could all just be something for the haunt or something like that and he tweeted that out just to mess with us. Who knows other than don what is being put in. I'm just saying my opinions.
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