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  1. yes i know they just built Timbers... but what if Kings Island and Cedar Fair pull a fast one and re-try a 200ft woodie with inversions since they seem to be working with rmc now? that or a giga would be great.
  2. i loved Sonny too but Banshee is my new love. Would i have prefered Banshee being able to go somewhere else in the park while SOB maybe recieved an overhaul and opened back up? HELL YEAH!
  3. going back to what i said about the name of World of Fun's coaster... completely forgot KI's theater is called Timberwolf so clearly the new ride wont be that
  4. 3 years later... did everyone forget another CF park in Missiouri has a wood coaster with Timber in it? KI wouldnt need to refile a TM for a ride already in another CF park would they? (If they go that route instead of using a new name)
  5. went on friday and was so nervous i wouldnt fit. i tried the test seat and one of the employees helped me with one good push and i just made it. i was so ecstatic. rode 4 times at day and 2 at night and wow is she amazing at night. still cant pick between her, Beast, or Diamondback for best night ride. i love them all equally. and for fellow fluffy riders, row 5 is now like row 4, and the yellow bar really focused on my thighs, the vest was no problem at all because it stretches out. hope that helps give a sense of what to expect with the seats. truly awesome ride, i loved it. Banshee is now my favorite inverted coaster after Alpenghiest, Afterburn, and Raptor.
  6. a weird request but could KingsIslandPR or anyone (WHEN ALLOWED of course) take a pic of the fourth row with the seatbelts fastened but the restraints up? if all thats needed to fit on the ride is the seatbelt then that would give a persepctive to myself and other "fluffy" riders on how much room there is to squeeze in...
  7. ^ ok this gives me some perscpetive. thanks for the info.
  8. Hard to say. The restraints are totally different. Keep in mind, however, that Banshee will have a longer seat belt (allowing for larger riders) in row 4. On Gatekeeper, it's a difference of about an inch. I'd say that if you fit on other Inverts, Banshee seems like it will actually be a bit more accommodating than many other inverts. But this is totally speculation. im aware of the fourth row having longer seat belts. im generally asking whoever has ridden a wingrider, where on the body, (chest, stomach, or thighs) does the restraints focus on to get a slight idea of how Banshee will be like since her restraints are similar to wingriders.
  9. going back to the Banshee restraints, if i could squeeze on Diamondback would i be fine on Banshee or any wingrider? ive never been on a wingrider so i dont know what area of the body the restraint focuses on...
  10. El Toro is an Intamin Pre-fab woodie like Colossos at Heide Park
  11. so if the seat belt is able to fasten, is it good to go or does the harness have to go down so far after that?
  12. really puts the ride into perscpective when a person is close to the track... or on it.
  13. i count every coaster as a separate track unless the coaster is in fact one track. I count KI's Racer as 2 rides because even though they're identically mirrored theyre 2 seprate tracks while Kennywood's Racer is only one continuous track.
  14. @KingsIslandPR when testing does begin, will there be an official/real life pov of the ride?
  15. im giving you all the revenge squint eye look because there's no emoticon for that but whatever yeah regualtions and trademarks woooooo. Banshee... there ya go.
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