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  1. Ehhhhhh..... I would hope not.... due to Urgent Scare being in one side while the other is Coney Mall's prize warehouse.
  2. I would not mind seeing Titanfall honestly......
  3. Wait....You must be 18 or older to have housing...
  4. So I read on Screamscape that they blocked off the area of Drop Tower anybody know more about this? Sauce-- http://screamscape.com/html/kings_island.htm
  5. Oh dont worry it happened on The Racer during Coaster Stock they stopped it on the lift and a op came up and took it.
  6. Does anybody know the song from cirque imagine when the two girls are doing the flips and what not...
  7. That might be Cedar Point's Dive Coaster look at the angle of that piece in the back.
  8. When you loop a song that reminds you of media day.
  9. I just noticed the Top Gun logo has a B&M Invert on it was used at Carowinds or Californias great America
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