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  1. First time in line for Orion this year and first thing I hear over the speaker is the ride is currently having a technical delay
  2. Exactly the way I took this. I could also see them not opening even for Haunt with staffing issues. Count this year as a L and look ahead to 2021. Such a bummer.
  3. Way to quote yourself there. If the drop was 330 , it would be named Fury 330 or just Fury. 325 is just the tallest point of the coaster. I think you would be able to grasp that idea with the username of "Logic".
  4. BOOM. They think 350 at least , right?
  5. Exactly how I feel. I can't wait until Thursday and getting to ride it next year. The difference between 301 and 350 or whatever isn't that big of a deal in the first place. The real thing that could be upsetting is going to be the new RMC in 2024 and if it even compares to SteVe... kidding
  6. You right. I edited it. Sorry.
  7. I'll predict a couple things due to all the clues. I think we have the world's longest giga roller coaster drop and at the bottom of that drop is an underground tunnel.
  8. Was actually just about to check in here to see what's going on. I am currently in line for MT.
  9. Maybe on purpose. Who knows at this point?
  10. I saw somebody talk on here that they are starting on the Soak City side at least so that's a start at least. There was one next to my parking spot that looked like a sink hole today.
  11. Instead of a new giga, can we just get some ice, please? Running out of ice at 4pm on a Saturday is inexcusable.
  12. Stop. I can only get so excited.
  13. I love Intamin too. Maverick may be my favorite coaster especially at night.
  14. You are looking way too much into those store fronts, IMO.
  15. Because uc fans would cry that the ride is in a part of Cincinnati not Ohio
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