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What are your opening day plans?


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Thank you do you know past opening days what time it has opened? I am trying to see if I should drive down and get it processed since I have a Cedar Point platinum pass and we now have to process there since they are not open till the week after Kings Island is? Or can I just get in with my vulture and just process at my home park? I am confused anyone know more if I can get in just not processing it?

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You must have a processed pass to enter the park.

However, I remember seeing other places on this site (I may try to track it down for you) that Cedar Point is now allowing their passes to be processed at other parks because they are opening so late this year. So you should be able to process at KI on opening day. I don't know when CP will being pre-season processing.

Processing will probably open an hour before the park does. So probably 9 a.m. Maybe 8 am if you're lucky.

Edit: Found the information for CP. Their processing begins April 22nd. You may process at any Cedar Fair park at any time, though I'm guessing that means your season pass will say Kings Island on it instead of Cedar Point. Unless they're changing the design this year and they'll all say Cedar Fair rather than a certain park, that's always a possibility.


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As has been quoted on many CF blogs, you can process your CF Platinum Pass at any CF park.

From KI's blog, http://kingsislandinsider.blogspot.com/200...s-advisory.html:

Platinum Pass Advisory

You can process your 2009 Platinum Pass at any Cedar Fair park. If you plan to visit Kings Island on Opening Day (April 18), we encourage you to process your pass early! The Kings Island Season Pass Processing Center will be open starting April 1 thorugh Opening Day:

Monday - Friday: 4pm - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Beat the long lines in the spring and process early

Or can I just get in with my vulture and just process at my home park?

I would advise against trying to enter the park with a vulture or any other form of wildlife. Typically the only animals allowed in with guests are service animals such as seeing eye dogs. So unless your vulture is highly trained, they probably won't let it in and will direct you to the kennel to leave it there for the day. I personally haven't seen a vulture in the park for a few years, luckily someone got a picture of it here. :lol:

Gator, not being mean, just saw the opportunity for a joke and flew with it! :D

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