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Holiday World 2012: The Poll


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UH-OH...it's poll time! And this one isn't KI related (but I'm still putting it in KI Polls, since that's where most polls should go).

Holiday World has teased us with a new "attraction" for 2012. What do you hope it will be? Really simple actually. Option #8 is pretty much for any type of non-traditional steel coaster, like Inverted, 4th Dimension, etc. in case you were wondering.

Enjoy the poll. If you dislike, click back...or else. (Evil music plays!):blink:


I voted "Steel Coaster, Family" because this category is something I feel Holiday World needs. The gap between Howler and Raven is HUGE. It may sound weird, Raven is only 80 feet tall, but it is NOT a family coaster! A family-oriented woodie like Woodstock Express would also go well, but Holiday World needs a steel coaster. And I would love to see how they would theme a Mine Train...or any of these attractions, for that matter!

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I've been wanting to go to Holiday world for a while but havent gotten around to it because i dont think it would be thrilling enough, but if they put in a large flat ride i might just have to go.

I do not know of anyone who has went to HW and been disappointed. I hope you decide to take the trip! If you do we will be anxious to hear about your trip.

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