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Massive INDOOR Amusement Park in Ohio

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Coasterbob62 posted another video recently, and well...I had no idea this place even existed. And it's open right now. Here's the video:

What a flat ride collection... :o Weird schedule though, only open from March-Mid April...park is located at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Well, now that I think of it that way...it is kind of a carnival, but it's a carnival that has been given a tremendous amount of steroids. And pretty much the only one I would even consider a 5-hour drive to go to...although their tickets are cheap at $24 ($21 with discount) and they didn't seem to have any lines. I'm also guessing Cedar Point is a large reason this place adds so many rides (competition even though CP is closed, or just giving guests tons of rides because that's what CP does?)

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The I-X Center is a convention center that hosts boat shows, flower festivals, gem shows, etc. The giant Ferris Wheel you see in the video is the only permanent ride, which operates no matter what convention is currently occupying the building.

It's about an hour from me. I'll say that it's well known for its less-than-desirable teen attendees these days, especially if you go on a weekend or after school lets out. Every day I've ever been, that parking lot has been nearly full, so I wouldn't necessarily expect that the short lines shown here are typical.

It's a sight to see. That's for sure.

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