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Disneyland Resort Price Increase

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Just thought this was some interesting news. As of yesterday, the prices for all Disneyland Resort tickets increased, probably in preparation for the opening of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. That's not unusual and typically does happen in May or June each year. What is unusual is that the increase this time around is much, much more than anyone anticipated.

Prices increased by twenty dollars (from $105 to $125) for a one day ticket with the Park Hopper option, and that pattern continued through the other daily ticket options, as well.

The big surprise was the change to annual passes. Rumors had been circulating for a long time that Disneyland management was considering eliminating Park Hopper privileges from annual passes or at least making it an expensive "add-on" for the lower level passes (which are only available to Southern California residents) keeping in mind that without a doubt, a majority of Disneyland visitors on any given day are annual pass holders, with the number cresting 1,000,000 last month. (The expansion to the "Disneyland Resort" and second gate were a move to make the regional park an international draw like Walt Disney World... It still hasn't become that quite yet). Instead of eliminating Park Hopping, the pass prices increased drastically across the board.

  • The very, very basic So Cal Select pass (which doesn't allow weekend visits and is blocked out through the whole summer) went from $199 to $269 (an increase of $70).
  • The regular So Cal pass (still blocked most of the summer, but less restrictive on weekends the rest of the year) went from $269 to $329 (an increase of $50).
  • The Deluxe Pass (which is good 315 days a year, blocking out Saturdays in the summer and around holidays periods) went from $379 to $469 (an increase of $90).
  • The Premium Pass has no block out dates and includes parking and increased from $499 to $649, which absolutely positively has infuriated much of the fan community for that resort who have loyally gotten that pass for years (an increase of $150).
  • The elite Premier Pass (good at all six domestic theme parks, the two water parks in Florida, and DisneyQuest) went from $749 to $849 (an increase of $100).

Obviously it's a move to eliminate the heavy visitorship from annual pass holders now that the resort is essentially reopening and being rebranded. But I hope that we can all appreciate an $80 Gold Pass with no blackout dates and free parking now! ;)

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That's a good question. At some point you have to wonder if Disney will price itself out of tolerance with the other entertainment options that they compete for business with - although who knows what that $ figure is.

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Yes Fast Pass can stay there. Unfortunately, Disney released that genie on the world, and the dollar signs popped up in every theme park CEO's eyes. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before it hits the original theme park. But it will probably be worse...my guess it will be a pay to play plan like our little park.

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Just for fun, go to Disney's website and play like you are a family of four to see what the total cost is to stay at a "value" resort...don't forget to upgrade all of your tickets.


The four of us are going for a week in October (two adults and two children over ten years old): 7 nights:

Value room = $2649 including 8 days of park hopper tickets for all.

Add the Memory Maker option so we don't have to carry a camera. Subtotal = $2798.10

We want the dining plan so we can get meals and snacks at over 50 locations. So we choose the quick service plan. subtotal = $3973.82

We have to get there too, so we book a flight. Sub total = $6085.82 and we get ground transportation for free...WOO HOO!

Our sub total is now $6085.82 before taxes! That's nearly half of a used car and this is the bargain basement deal for a family of four.

People go there still, so they are either cruising on high interest credit cards or getting the money for free from somewhere, because no family that I know can dish out that kind of cash for a weeks vacation.

Want to see what a high end Disney vacation costs same dates, and group except the best of everything?

Contemporary Resort (Parking Lot view) 8 nights and 8 park hopper days = $11796.42

add memory maker Subtotal = $11918.14

add Disney Platinum Plan includes meal services, Richard Petty experience and other shows Sub total = $19030.14

add flight for four Subtotal = $21,142.14

free ground transportation.

Subtotal before taxes $21,142.14

it's all about the money now.

Sounds reasonable eh?

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Yeah, there's really no reason to go for 8 days. I mean, that's your decision to make, but wow, 8 days is a long time. My family always goes for just 4 days, and we still get everything done that we want to do. Park hopper is unnecessary as well - just go to each park each day. The reason your price is so high though is definitely because of the 8 days thing. Cut back to at least 5 days and you'll still have time to do mostly everything (unless you're planning on going to the water parks). Save the three other days for things like Downtown Disney, mini golf, hotel relaxation, etc.

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As others have said if you are staying 8 days you do not need to hop from park to park. An 8 day ticket is a lot of days in the parks, honestly 5 to 6 will cut it and that is at a relaxed pace. Also if going in October there are deals available, either free dinning or room discounts no need to pay rack rates or get the free meal plan.

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The dining plan is only free if staying for 6+ nights at a non discounted room rate (no AAA, military, etc.) again, if your kids aren't big eaters, no need for it anyway. There are a decent no of blackout dates as well. I personally think a park hopper is a nice option, since you may want to visit more than one park per day, esp ones like AK and DHS, which to me are still half days. Room rates are cheapest after labor day through November, excluding Columbus Day and Halloween wknds, as well as Thanksgiving..its no secret that's also when the free dining plans are offered-October is usually a low attendance month.

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