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Carowinds 8/16, Bay Beach 8/20


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Carowinds - 8/16/2012

As with my previous report, my trip took me to Charlotte, NC. For once, the weather was not brutally hot in August. It was in the mid-80oF. It is usually in the upper 90oF or higher.

I have visited Carowinds more than any other park besides KI in the past 4 years. This was my 5th time this year. Except for during April, this park is usually empty during weekdays. This time was no exception. As always, Intimidator is my first ride at Carowinds. I rode Intimidator during the first ride auction in 2010. I ran into Don Helbig on that day. He told me that day that Intimidator is more like Nitro than Diamondback. I absolutely agree with him although the second part of Nitro is more like Diamondback. Anyhow, Intimidator is another great B&M creation.

Intimidator - The wait time was around 5 minutes. As always it seems, they were running 2 train operation. For whatever the reason, Carowinds allow people to ride Intimidator without shoes. Intimidator is running as well as I remember. This ride is tracking better than Diamondback by longshot this year. Diamondback wheels have been rattling somewhat. Not this ride. Smooth and airtime machine. I still prefer Diamondback over Intimidator, however. Diamondback has more hills and stronger airtime. I rode this 16 times before heading toward Flying Eag...... Woodstock Gliders.

Woodstock Gliders - This ride still should be at KI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told Don as much in 2010. Is this a kiddie ride? Why is this in the kid's section? For once, they were NOT encouraging people to "rip" the cords. Of course, that did not stop me from doing so. How I miss this ride although I have been riding this quite a bit since 2009. After three satisfying rides, I moved onto Afterburn.

Afterburn - This invert packs quite a punch. Also, this ride is getting to be somewhat of a headbanger. I may just be that I just rode Silver Bullet earlier this week, but Afterburn feels rather rough compared to Silver Bullet. Still, this is quite a gem at Carowinds. This ride is relentless through the first part, and goes through another element just as you think the ride is ending. A compact layout is somewhat comparable to Talon which is my favorite Invert. This is my 4th favorite B&M Invert. Alpengeist and Montu are 2 and 3. I rode 12 times in the back and moved on.

WindSeeker - My 5th WindSeeker and except for the view, I did not feel different about this over any others except for the one at Cedar Point. Whatever the reason, one at Cedar Point feels faster than other 4 I have ridden.

Not a bad time at Carowind considering I only spend 3 hours at the park. I did not wait for any ride except for initial Intimidator wait. Everything else was either reride or walk on.

Bay Beach Amusement Park - 8/20/2012

My latest trip took me to Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was here for one ride only, Zippin Pippin. This ride was relocated from Libertyland in Tennessee although the structure was rebuilt by the Gravity Group, I believe. Looking at the structure, this ride was nearly a total rebuild. The original ride was built in 1923. This ride did not look like 1920's design.

Zippin Pippin (#301) - For some reason, this ride reminded me of Blue Streak at Cedar Point. However, the comparison ends on the looks only. Each ride was $1 (4 tickets). This ride had great airtime although not as intense as other TGG creation I have been on. There was an extreme ejector air near the end after the turn around. For those who have been on Tornado at Stricker's Grove, the airtime is similar to the one around the middle of that ride. A nice little wooden coaster. (8/10).

Heading over to Six Flags Great America next week...........

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No BB? No trip is complete without a trip to the bay! :P

Thanks for the TR, I am planning to go to the 'winds next may for the BB and some of the great rides like Intimidator, to ride. Thanks for the information!

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BB1, you can go to the Bay, as long as it's still there. (:< Muahaha!

You know, for a moment there I thought you were a little kid with a large head! (Ah the joy of Family Guy) Also, it probably will be there next year (Hopefully <_< ) due to it being away from CP, Kings Island, your local Cedar Point South!

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Thanks for the TR - I had the pleasure of riding Zippin Pippin in GB last summer and really enjoyed that pop of ejector airtime, and also found the whole ride enjoyable.

Also, I've always been wondering, what does it mean to rip the cord on a Flying Eagles type of ride?

I'm assuming you guys are talking about snapping the cables (at least that's what we always called it I think). On certain types of scooters, it is possible to get your motion going to where you create a slack in the cables inbfront of or behind your eagle and it will snap loudly as the ride helps catch it back up to speed and out to full extension.

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