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Miniature Coney model at Entertrainment Junction


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I'm not sure if this is the most expensive project to date or not. I had never heard that before. I do know that they had been planning it for a very long time. The first visit I made to EJ, which was a few months after they opened, Don Oeters (owner) told me that they planned on doing it. He even knew exactly where it was going. I'm sure that it was expensive, but you have to remember that many people who actually build the models are volunteers, so that helps with the cost.

I'm not sure what scale the Coney Island section is, but I can tell you that the attractions are not placed in a true and exact replica of park. Everything is to a specific scale and the rides and attractions are in generally the right place, but they took a lot of artistic license in order to make it display-worthy from that particular angle and to fit it in the area in which it's placed.

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That is certainly a very accurate statement about using a little artistic license with the layout. It is still a very impressive display, and well worth the visit. I certainly enjoyed it. But then again, I love model trains, and I love Coney Island. I have worked there for 12 seasons, with season number 13 on tap in 2014.

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