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Video: 1991 Kings Island


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Thought I'd share an interesting video I found on YouTube of Kings Island in 1991 (a fine year, I must say. ;) ) It's been stabilized, which is why the frame keeps shifting all over the place (as opposed to being a VERY shaky video):



It's relatively short, but in it, you can see and hear:


-A relatively new Vortex that does not come to a complete stop on the MCBR

-The theming on the KI&MVRR, including the town by the train shed

-Kings Mills Log Flume, which woefully doesn't seem to have much video existing for it online

-A few peeks at Adventure Village and King Cobra


Unfortunately, there's also an on-ride video of Vortex. It's really distorted and looks like video of an uprising during an earthquake, but it's there. The posting of this video does not equate to endorsement or approval of the unauthorized filming on any ride at Kings Island. Please do not film on any rides the park does not permit guests to film on without permission, including Vortex.

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Gosh I'm not even sure how they got video while on The Vortex. From what I remember, camcorders back in 1991 were fairly large. That's insane. Anyway, I love to watch Kings Island videos from the past and was even more excited to see the old theming on the train. Very nice!

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Ah, 1991... a simpler time in my life. October 6th (the date the video was taken) I had completed my 3rd year in Food Service at KI (in Rivertown Karts), leaving much teenage drama behind in the process, and was about a month and a half into my freshman year at college. Good memories.

Thanks for posting that, it was nice to see things again as they used to be (and thanks for explaining the stabilization, I would have wondered what was up with that crazy frame).

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