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Disney Fastpass+ at Walt Disney World

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If I didn't already prefer the Disneyland Resort by a factor of about 1000...

There will be days it will definitely be shorter by at least one. You see, I now have additional incentive to go where I'd rather go anyway--"I'm going to Disneyland!"

Or just go to the Disneyland Resort instead.

No such muss and fuss.

At least so far.

(And I vastly prefer it).

They say it never rains in Southern California...and we'll have fun, fun, fun in the warm California sun.

Yeah...just exactly like Cedar Fair's Fast Lane doesn't affect those who don't buy it.

Terp, who is going to Disneyland (and may have made his last trip ever to WDW).


As I said months ago.


Florida's a mess.

I cannot and will not plan my theme park adventures months in advance.

Florida is for Universal, BGT and maybe SeaWorld Orlando.

California is where my Disney nickels will go. And they start this foolishness there, I'll be done with that, too.

I am not amused.

One US Disney complex is a warm, friendly, laid-back, easy going resort.

The other is Walt Disney World.

I say select the original and best...

Or go to Disneyland.

They haven't messed it up.


Have ya' been to the California Disney properties?

If you have, and still prefer Universal Orlando, that's another story....

And you get a DC guy to visit California instead of Florida. Exclusively. For now.


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For those that have visited both Land and World, prior to the new MyMagic system will agree they were similar in name only. Those 2 places are far different from one another and each holds a very special place in my families heart. They really are like comparing apples to oranges.

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Booked out FastPass+ reservations early this morning and it went very smooth. Here is what I was able to book.

Anna & Elsa - even during slow times it still has a 2 hour line

2 FP+s for Seven Dwarfs

Rapunzel & Cinderella

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Splash Mountain

Toy Story Midway Mania

Frozen Sing Along

Star Tours

Test Track

Spaceship Earth

Killamanjaro Safari

Expedition Everest


This is pretty awesome when you think about it. 60 days away from arrival and I know we will experience these attractions while waiting in a 10 minute line or less. The time and stress this will save me and my family in the park is pretty awesome. Honestly Rope Drop is no longer a must, no sprinting to Toy Story Midway Mania or Anna & Elsa. No longer being a Fastpass Runner and leaving my family to journey throughout the park collecting paper tickets. Im done! That is the most amazing part and now I just show up and go. Say what you will but this system is going to allow me to spend more time with my family in the park and enjoy a much more leisurely pace at Disney. Anyone that has ever been a FP Runner knows what I mean.

Wouldn't you rather have a FP to Soarin over SE? SE only has a line the first hour of each day of any consequence. Unless you head to Soarin at rope drop, even on slow days the wait wo a FP will be at least 60 minutes and often more.

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Alright I just got back from Walt Disney World Resort yesterday. I will be honest with you when I say this, I like this new system. No wait, I love this new system.

My one and only complaint is they need more kiosks throughout their parks but especially Magic Kingdom.

The new system is still very similar to the old except that instead of running from ride to ride I can walk to a kiosk and get any FP.

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When last I was there in May, I was able to book additional FP on the mobile app without a problem. Things change on a dime, though. When in doubt ask at the park! (don't ask the 407-W-Disney people though, as they are the last to know)

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