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What's the longest you've ever waited for an attraction at KI?


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Between 4 and 5 hours for Top Gun with DiamondAceExpress after prom. We found ways to pass the time in line!!!

Don't get any ideas, OhioColts!

I remember you two!(kidding,but I wouldn't remember) Sadly I was passing time with the boys while the future wife was on her daddy's military base in California. Between her family and mine, I have heard the same war stories countless times, and still just nod my head agreeing not getting a word in otherwise! JR.. Class of 93!

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The longest I've waited for a ride at KI, was Son of Beast back in 2000 when the ride was only about month old. I waited around 2.5 hours (which wasn't that bad).

Before 2000 the longest I can remember waiting was for the old Smurf ride which is now of course Boo Blasters. I was a kid, so it felt like an eternity, but it was probably just an hour or so. Hahaha.

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Longest I've waited was for Banshee on opening day. I'm not exactly certain of the exact time but it was over four hours. It blew Diamondback's opening day line wait time out of the water (I think I waited 2 to 2 1/2 hrs for it)!

I think what made Banshees line so long was the breakdown at about 12:00. It was broken down for a good 45 min and then it took awhile after that to get things going again.

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