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Six Flags Magic Mountain 8/1/14


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We finally managed to make it out to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a half day after all those years of seeing it on Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and reading comparisons of MM to Cedar Point.Needless to say, i was very excited! To start off, I have to comment on the incredible heat. It was 108 degrees with a heat index of about 115. I've never been so hot at an amusement park in my life! The park has a very impressive skyline that you can see from several miles away. sabe8yse.jpg

When we first got to the park, we went straight to Tatsu. The only B&M flyer that i had ridden previously to Tatsu was Superman Ultimate Flight, which was a huge disappointment and really lacked any intensity, so my hopes weren't too high for Tatsu. Boy, was I wrong! Tatsu was a great ride! It's pretty fast and smooth with lots of twists and turns, and the pretzel loop is just MASSIVE! Its probably the most intense part of the ride. I love how the ride uses both stations to wipe out stacking, meaning you don't have to sit at the break run for 3 mins while your manliness is the only think supporting the weight of your body. Rating: 8.5/10agavy6ez.jpgamyvu7u7.jpg

Next was X2, which was probably the most anticipated ride at the park for me. I heard from many that it was the best ride in the park, and one of the best in the world. After waiting about 45 mins, we sat in the front of the train and prepared for what i would say is the most unique ride experience that i have had. The first drop was incredible! The seats rotate as you crest the lift hill and leave you facing straight down as you soar down the first drop. From there, i had no idea which way was up, which way was down, which way was left, or which way was right. I looked over periodically to make sure my girlfriend was still in her seat (she did not fall out). Overall X2 was a great ride, although when the seats rotate it tends to be pretty rocky, making it slightly uncomfortable. None of the music or special effects on the ride were functioning at the time. Rating: 7.5/10 asuzu7yb.jpg

Next, we went right next door to Viper. We didn't really plan on riding Viper, but it was a walk-on and it was right next door so what the heck. The first drop is among the best on Arrow Loopers that i have been on. The rest of the ride is similar to Vortex in terms of pain, so ill leave it there. Rating: 5/10

After Viper, we walked up the hill to Superman Escape From Krypton, which was another ride that i had high hopes for. The line was a very slow moving 45 mins, which was to be expected due to one train operation once you choose a side. It was nice and cool inside the building, but unlike other ride, there was no music, TVs, or anything in line. Just the smell of musty park goers. We boarded the train in the back row, and next thing we knew, we were off. 0-100mph in 7 seconds is not as intense as it sounds. We floated up the tower and floated back down without experiencing the weightlessness that the ride advertises. I didn't even feel like we went up that high. Overall this ride was probably the biggest "let down" ride i have ever ridden. Rating: 4/10 ahejyhu2.jpg

We walked back down the hill to Apocalypse, which i was very excited about. I mean who does love a GCI woodie?! My girlfriend was very skeptical about this ride and all other woodies after riding The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis days earlier, but i ensured her that GCI woodies are fairly smooth. The ride was a walk-on, so we sat in the front. Apocalypse delivered everything you'd expect from a GCI coaster. Twist, turns, airtime, speed, and great positive and lateral Gs. In my opinion, it's the most underrated coaster in the park. Rating: 8/10 ejyvu5eb.jpg

Moving along, we were running out of time so we decided to only ride a few more rides. Scream! was next. I was aware that Scream! was just a mirror image of Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure, so i knew what to expect. I love floorless coasters. I think they produce a great sensation. Lots of loops, twists and turns, and plenty of speed! Rating: 7.5/10

P.s. This ride has an unbelievable "parking lot" theme to it that you wouldn't want to miss!!! a9y7e6e5.jpg

Goliath was right down the path, so we decided to hop on it. I had heard mixed reviews about it, so i wasn't quite sure what to think other than i would probably black out and have my picture taken at the same time. After waiting almost an hour, we boarded in the middle of the train since the line for it was the shortest. The first drop is just, meh..... It's not super good because it takes the same angle (which isn't that steep) all the way until you reach the tunnel. The REAL fun doesn't start until after the MCBR. Speaking of which, the MCBR is the biggest "gut check" on any roller coaster. You come to a complete stop from a very high speed. The end of the ride has some incredibly high sustained positive Gs, but nowhere close to Intimidator 305. Overall, Goliath was a solid right. Nothing to write home about (isn't that what I'm doing now though?), but solid. Rating: 7/10

P.S. Goliath wins the award for most intimidating entrance in the Six Flags chain. ryjatyre.jpg

Our final ride of the day was Full Throttle, another ride that i had high hopes for. Approaching the ride, you get a sense for how massive the signature loop is. We waited in line for a little over an hour which was the longest line of the day. The launch is very smooth, but not intense, but hanging at the top of the worlds tallest loop was pretty cool. The rest of the ride was just....... ok. Yes, including the over hyped backwards launch. Another "gut check" on this ride. Who ever though it was a good idea to put breaks on a vertical descent is just....... anyway. This ride was another let dow ride. The ride is not much more outside of the vertical loop. It is also a very short ride. Rating: 6.5/10 ugetyjy8.jpg

After riding Full Throttle, we concluded our day at Magic Mountain. I wish i could review some of the flag rides at the park...... Oh wait...... there are no flat rides....... The lack of flat rides at the park is very disappointing. Actually, outside of the roller coasters, the park as a whole is very disappointing. There is very little to nothing for a family with young kids to do, or even if you're not a fan of the high thrill coaster. Most of the rides are in dire need of a paint job, and a lot of TLC, as is the rest of the park. Walking through the park, i felt as if Six Flags intentionally neglects everything in the park. If Magic Mountain is supposed to be a flagship park for the Six Flags chain, it does a horrible job of park upkeep. Kings Island and Cedar Point far surpass this park in nearly every aspect. I don't even think this park is the best in the Six Flags chain. I'd choose Great Adventure over Magic Mountain any day. Overall Rating: 6/10 dymu3ady.jpg

Quick side note: If you plan on buying anything in the park, be prepared to spend a little extra money than you normally spend at other parks.

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Thanks for the trip report. It has been a while since we have been there, but I remember two things that you pointed out.

Goliath's entrance rocks, and there are many many empty concrete pads where flat rides used to be.

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... I have to comment on the incredible heat. It was 108 degrees with a heat index of about 115.

Ouch! I enjoy Magic Mountain, but have never tried to visit during the hot season. I don't know how I would like that kind of weather.

... there are no flat rides....... The lack of flat rides at the park is very disappointing.

A lot of people seem to mention a lack of flats there, but what they have is quite comparable to Kings Island. Excluding the Snoopy rides, of which Kings Island has a preponderance...

Both parks-

Swinging ship

Wave swings

Observation Tower


Bumper Cars

Funicular or Railroad

Water Rapids

Water ride with a big drop

Water Flume

Drop Tower

Grand Carousel

Catenary Arch drop up-charge

Slingshot up-charge


Musik Express




Dark Ride


Giant Frisbee


(and a Troika...)

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1. This was a great trip report. It's nice to hear a unique opinion (and some great pictures) on Magic Mountain. Most SFMM TR's usually start with "we went to X2 first" and end with "X2 was great," with hardly any mention of several of the other rides. Was Scream! as rattle-y as many others claim?

2. How humid was it? I love hot weather, but 100+ would be excessive for me if there was any humidity at all. I've never been to California, so I don't know how much of it is desert.

3. Your comments about Boss have cut me deeply. It's my favorite roller coaster out of the 187 I've ridden. I am not sure that I can continue to associate with you. ;) (I will admit, however begrudgingly, that it's not running well this summer.)

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1. Scream did not have much of a rattle to it.

2. It was about 45-60% humidity. The area around SFMM is sort of a desert.

3. I think i still may have a few pieces of brain matter left in the in field of The Boss..... Or a least a few bones......

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