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Change in Coaster Crew membership options and cost


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Coaster Crew posted on Facebook this morning that they are doing away with their "regular" $10/year membership option, in order to "stay competitive with other Coaster Enthusiast Clubs, and to become more reputable to Parks to be included in their sponsored events" and also for the purpose of "satisfying some parks policies on membership prices allowing club members to be apart of park held events such as CoasterStock, Holliwood Nights, and select Media Days."

This change is effective December 1. There will now be just one membership option, which will be $25/year for a single person plus an additional $5 for each additional member in the same household at the same address.

This new membership structure will come with more perks, including but not limited to:

- A full size official Crew Calendar sent each year in December.

- More park discounts including local FEC's, & Zoo's.

- Hotel Discounts.

- Random Coaster Crew Merchandise Mailings.

- Even more events in 2015!

- Access to Coasterstock at KI & Holliwood nights at HW!

- Access to select Media Days for new attractions.

- Discounts on Coaster Crew Merchandise.

- Attend official Coaster Crew Events at a discounted rate.

Existing "regular" (non-Platinum) memberships will be grandfathered in, and an option will be available to upgrade such a membership to the new system.

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