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Wings of Steel -- Interviews Needed

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Why hello there, KIC. It's me again.

For some of you, after this upcoming weekend of riding those shiny new Larson flying scooters at Kings Island, you'll find yourselves riding the world's first launched wing rider. For those of you in that boat, I've a favor to ask of you should you be interested.

Last year I produced a documentary for Banshee, which for the sake of a shameless plug, can be found here:

I'm following that documentary up with a new one. And while I rode Fury 325 last weekend (as you should too), making a documentary for it just didn't fit the bill. That's when I noticed the upcoming media day event for Thunderbird at Holiday World. And wouldn't ya know it, this seems like a great opportunity.


It's called Wings of Steel, and covers different aspects of the ride such as it being the park's first major steel coaster and the nation's first launched wing coaster. It will be in the same vain as that aforementioned Banshee documentary, and will release sometime in May.

What does all of this mean? -- I need interviews from you guys! If you or anyone you know will be in attendance at Thunderbird's media day next Thursday (4/23), and you're interested in answering a few questions about it on camera, let me know ASAP!

You can contact me via email at jordan@jordanhillmedia.com or through my website at www.jordanhillmedia.com/contact.

I'd love to have some of you guys participate. The more interviews the better.



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Not to be a stickler but I don't consider Thunderbird to be "the world's first launched wing coaster".

Either way, good luck and wish I could help but it'll be the end of May before I get a ride.

You're right. Typo on my part when writing this post. Corrected.

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