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  1. After booking at Camp Wilderness I remember how much I miss the campground. So wish KI had their own lodging options....I understand why they don't but I really, really wish they would. Not all passholders live in Cincinnati.
  2. So basically every B&M since Banshee that's been installed at a CF park has failed miserably at raising your heart rate even a little........which is one ride, Valravn. Seems like a broad statement to make based off such a small sample size.
  3. Me too......outside front row at night is one heck of a thrill. Remember, I didn't make the statement that they have failed miserable since Banshee. I'm actually in the process of booking an April trip to Carowinds to check out Fury cause I love me some sexy B&M goodness.
  4. Just curious......which new B&M rides at CF have failed miserable for you since Banshee not counting Fury? I can only think of one, Valravn?
  5. Gatekeeper ridership number for 2016 : 1,923,420, nearly 2 million, tops at the point. Apparently a few people enjoy wing coasters, including me. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog-article/online-fun/By-The-Numbers-12-9-16-16
  6. As I've stated before......our Funpix plan is linked to all 3 of the passes in my family.
  7. We have it on 3 platinum passes......they offered and set it up, I didn't even ask for it on all our cards.
  8. Not sure about the drink/dining plans since we don't have that option but our Funpix account is linked to each of our cards.
  9. This perfectly describes my wife. I rarely have trouble with mine but hers is always broke.....what are the odds? A 50/50 chance each time we ride and she gets a non-working gun, lol.
  10. Seems odd that they would start a show at seven when the park closes at seven.
  11. Sunday only and one per passholder which must be present. See my post above.
  12. First I've heard of the required new pictures. Ours are only a couple year old. For the record.....I chose "take at park" for all of our passes and there was no problems using them this past weekend. Convenient yes but that pretty much restricts the benefits to the card holder which I understand is the premise. Last year my daughters friend used the wife's Fast Lane since should could not attend and we was going to let her use the Bring a Friend tickets since me or her will not make it back this year. Oh well.
  13. As mentioned earlier in this thread......when renewing online you must pick a photo option to continue (capture, upload, take at park). I certainly don't want to do any of those options and I can't remember what I've done in years past but our passes/pictures always carried over. Thoughts??
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