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  1. When will the Meal Plan Options be released for this season?
  2. Theme Park Studio is garbage! The 1st Roller Coaster Tycoon blows that away!
  3. I highly recommend Planet Coaster for PC. It blows away the Roller Coaster Tycoon series by far!
  4. If I am buying a new Gold pass for 2017 and use my 1 free visit for this season do I need to pay for parking still?
  5. It would be cool if they could get an area ready for Snow Tubing somewhere in the park for Winterfest in 2017 but I can't even see them doing it like The Beach at all.
  6. It would be awesome if we got 2 new dark rides and they are being done in the old Action Theater and the old Crypt building and Winterfest for next season that would be pretty awesome and they could be open at Winterfest too.
  7. I believe stakes tape on them are color coded for electric,construction types too. So I think its just something not even related to The Racer at all and could be just electric lines underground.
  8. A Indoor Coaster like a Mine Theme would be cool in the old Crypt building.
  9. I had a question about the Platinum passes. Do I get free parking also with the pass when I visit the other Cedar Fair Parks too? When will the passes go on sale next week around the 18th you guys think?
  10. When is this announcement going to be is what I want to know like everyone else...
  11. I went on Mean Streak back in the end of June when I was up at Cedar Point and didn't even enjoy it at all. It was worse then SOB to me IMO.
  12. Off topic but what is the biggest capital investment in Kings Island History for one season? Is there any possible way we will see a nice set of flat rides for the park also with MT being built?
  13. Fox19 will have the announcement live at 10pm also they just scrolled across the bottom of the channel!
  14. Stay safe and dry everyone a storm is moving just West of Harrison now.
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