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ElloCoaster Wood Coaster Poll (Mitch Hawker replacement?)

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I was looking around online today, and I found this. Apparently it is a new wooden coaster poll that is meant to be a spiritual successor to the old Mitch Hawker polls that stopped running after the 2013 season.


So far it's just going to be for wooden coasters, probably because there are tons more steel coasters than wood these days so a wood poll is simpler I guess.

Oh, and I voted on it. Here is how my ballot looks...

#1- Beast, Kings Island

#2- Legend, Holiday World

#3- Mystic Timbers, Kings Island

#4- Voyage, Holiday World

#5- Blue Streak, Cedar Point

#6- Raven, Holiday World

#7- Racer (Red), Kings Island

#8- Racer (Blue), Kings Island (Racing Coasters can count as 2 if you prefer a certain side of them, I like Red Racer more than Blue)

#9- Hoosier Hurricane, Indiana Beach

#10- Woodstock Express, Kings Island

And those are pretty much all the wooden coasters I have been on so far. I have to get out of Ohio & Indiana and find some more wooden coasters to ride...anyhow, felt this was worth sharing if anyone is interested. I kinda wanna see the results, mainly to see how the "woodies" (poll includes RMC topper track rides) built from 2014-2017 like Goliath, Lightning Rod, and Mystic Timbers among others do...

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Straight from my about me page...


Top Ten Wood Coasters: [out of 16]

1. El Toro
2. Voyage
3. The Beast
4. Lightning Racer
5. Mystic Timbers
6. Legend
7. Racer [KI]
8. Tornado [Stricker's Grove]
9.  Wildcat [Hersheypark]

10. Raven

Found this to be funny...from inside the ballot, it says:



* RMC Topper Track coasters are listed on this poll as wood coasters

* If you do not count those as woodies,

* simply delete them from your ballot or leave the ranking at "0"

* DO NOT give them a low ranking as a 'protest vote.'

* That is childish and immature. Don't be that person. ;-)


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So this is my ballot that I'm about to send in:

1, Voyage-Holiday World-USAIN
2, Mystic Timbers-Kings Island-USAOH
3, Raven-Holiday World-USAIN
4, Thunder Run-Kentucky Kingdom-USAKY
5, Legend-Holiday World-USAIN
6, American Eagle (Blue)-SF Great America-USAIL
7, Great American Scream Machine-SF Over Georgia-USAGA
8, Viper-SF Great America-USAIL
0, Goliath-SF Great America-USAIL
9, Blue Streak-Cedar Point-USAOH
10, Tornado-Strickers Grove-USAOH
11, Sea Dragon-Colombus Zoo-USAOH
12, Woodstock Express-Kings Island-USAOH
13, Teddy Bear-Strickers Grove-USAOH
20, Beast-Kings Island-USAOH
50, Racer (Blue)-Kings Island-USAOH
51, Racer (Red)-Kings Island-USAOH
666, Georgia Cyclone-SF Over Georgia-USAGA

Yep, the Devil went down to Georgia. :lol: (And yes, leaving Goliath present but at 0 is my protest against RMCs being considered wooden.)

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Well, the 2017 ElloCoaster poll is in the books. Here are the results:


It lists Top 25 right on the main page, but full results can be downloaded/viewed via a link. And here, IMO, are some noteables:

Kings Island Woodie Rankings (171 woodies total were ranked)

Mystic Timbers- 11th (2nd best GCI after #10, CGA's Gold Striker)

The Beast- 57th (The love/hate relationship this coaster has shows, it still did OK IMO though considering it still beat 100+ other woodies...)

Blue Racer- 113th (BLUE RACER DEFEATS RED!)

Red Racer- 115th

Woodstock Express- 164th (Poor Kiddie Coasters)

Other Things of Note

Wildfire @ Kolmarden was named best wooden coaster. The odd part: It is at a Zoo in Sweden!

Lightning Rod @ Dollywood settles for 2nd, but put up a great fight to Wildfire. RMC takes home 1st and 2nd place, as well as 4th and 12th. They have not made a coaster that ranks lower than 12th.

El Toro @ NJFTP, winner of 4 straight Mitch Hawker polls, sees a big drop to 9th place here. Apparently the only explanation I have seen is that it has gotten a little rougher since 2013 (plus RMC rose up during this period), thus the drop. T-Express, which was considered a rival to El Toro, placed ahead of it at 3rd. At least it won a Golden Ticket this year though.

Anaconda @ Walygator Parc in France, as was the case in the last few Mitch Hawker polls, still ranks as the worst wooden coaster in the world.




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