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LeSourdsville Lake/Americana/Fantasy Farm are gone, but there’s this diner...

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If you ever visited Americana/LeSourdsville Lake or Fantasy Farm in Middletown/Monroe back in the day, you may remember them fondly. Americana’s demise in particular was incredibly sad. While both that park and the neighboring Fantasy Farm are gone for good, there’s a new business in Middletown that keeps their history alive. And the ice cream/food are darn good. 

Here’s a post on it, if you’d like to check it out: http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/2019/01/fantasy-diner-and-ice-cream-parlor.html

The diner is actually built into Fantasy Farm’s old gift shop. Tons of cool relics from both parks on the walls.

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I went many times in the latter years of it's operation and always had a good time.  One time in particular I was there with coaster friends from Canada and it was like 110 degrees (no joke) out.  As miserable as it was, we laughed hysterically all day - its one of my favorite memories.

Other memories of the park include:

Screechin Eagle was an INTENSE coaster.  The drop after the turnaround was an airtime lovers dream.  The age, and bad condition of the coaster in later years really added to the "thrill."

The lake was full of GIANT carp.

The Log flume was one of the wettest I've ever ridden.  Literally a wave of water would flood your boat... you came off wetter from that than you would KI's White Water Canyon.

The giant slide had seams/rivets that would snag your burlap sack

There was a Fascination parlor - which I miss immeasurably.  I spent hours and hours in there.

I'm going to have to check out that restaurant - thanks for sharing!


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