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Kings Island October Third 2020 I conquered Drop Tower and had an awesome time!


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I hope that everyone is having a good day today.


As we know, the coronavirus has impacted all of our plans for amusement parks, and I am among the ones who was impacted. When the news came during my spring break that I would have to move out of my dorm for the semester, I knew things were serious, and I also understood at that point that it would be horrible if my parents got it (they are near the age range where it could be dangerous). I felt like at that moment I could never go to an amusement park again for the year, but thankfully things have worked out for me, and it started late June early July. My parents let me go to Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green Kentucky during that time, I went twice in a week, and it was good to get used to amusement park rides again.


Following my two visits to beech bend, I was hoping to go to Holiday World and Kings Island the following week, but my parents were extremely nervous about me going so I had to stay home. I felt hopeless, I had to cancel my reservation for July 9 at Kings Island with the reservation system, and the money for Holiday World was gone. I thought I could never go back at that point to amusement parks, but I did manage to get a picture of a smaller Drop Tower control panel at Beech Bend Park in late August early September, and on that day as well I went to the corvette museum in bowling green Kentucky which was amazing for car nerds!


I was so upset I couldn’t go to amusement parks me and my parents got into arguments with me if I could go, they didn’t realize all Kings Island was doing to keep us safe, and I was going through a phase of depression (don’t blame my parents at all they want to be safe). I finally mentioned that I wanted to be with my best friend in Ohio, sweet VortexBFForever or my best friend of all time, and my parents finally opened up to listening to me and my reason.


We agreed I could go October third as long as I was caught up on school work, which I was, and I was super excited! I realized that October third was a Saturday, so me and VortexBFForever both got Fast Lane, but she was working that morning to around three at Kings Island. That only gave me and her about two and a half hours to hang out, I had to leave by five thirty to make it home to Nashville Tennessee safe, as I was up for a while at that point and didn’t want to fall asleep at the wheel.


I also had been messaging with Steph or Emotional Roller Coasters on instagram, we were going to ride slingshot that day, as she had never ridden it before. I will explain that part later, for now let us start the epic journey that started at three thirty October third 2020, and I didn’t plan to get up that early.


I woke up at three thirty for no reason other than excitement for Kings Island, so I waited till four am to get out of bed, and then I got ready. I was ready to go by five am, so I left my house at five am from Nashville Tennessee, and I left the gas station around five thirty (a hour early). For the next four and a half hours I drove through a lot of stuff, the drive went well, but it felt long between Nashville and Louisville.


When I arrived at Kings Island, I let me parents know I had made it safe, and I also let VortexBFForever know I was there. I immediately went to get my Fast Lane dealt with, then I proceeded to get tickets for slingshot for me and Steph, and I knew she was in line for Orion so I went to ride bat.


I rode in the next to last row on bat by myself, it was quite fun, and it was my second ride on bat. After bat I went back to slingshot to message VortexBFForever for a bit, I was wondering where steph was, and I realized I have something called a phone I can message steph with on instagram. Steph told me it might be a little bit, so I went to ride Delirium by myself, and I thought of something while riding it.


This part was hard to write but I am making it through it ok: on June 16th 2020, my brother Matthew passed, and he was 22 years old (two years older than me in case you are wondering). He passed due to an epileptic seizure in the middle of the night, I was the first to find him that way, but he was peaceful and he looked comfortable. During my first visit to Kings Island in 2018 and my only ride on Firehawk while going up the lift hill, I wondered if this is what he does daily, which is flying as an angel. Firehawk still to this day is one of my favorite rides of all time, but something I always tell myself is that Matthew would never do any of the rides I have done at Kings Island or beech bend park, and I am sure he is extremely proud of me for that. Going back to October third, I was starting to get nervous on Delirium (darn general anxiety disorder), and I yelled: “are you proud of me for this brother?” I could have swore I heard his laugh, which made anyone happy, and I started to tear up a little bit on Delirium but happy tears knowing he is a better place. Matthew I am sure is extremely proud of me for doing the rides I did on October third or in general.


After Delirium, I waited about twenty minutes for Steph, and I was extremely happy when I saw her! It was the first time we have met, she got a giant hug from me instead of the normal with coronavirus, and we had an awesome time waiting for and riding slingshot! Unfortunately the video wasn’t working for slingshot, so I didn’t get a video for me second and steph’s first slingshot ride, but we had an awesome time on it! If I am able to get photos from her family I will post them here later. After waiting for nearly a hour in line for slingshot and riding it with Steph, I hung out with her and her family, and they were silly. Her sisters are crazy as Steph put it, but her family along with Steph was awesome, and it was time for me to take my next round of anxiety medicine so we got some food and a drink (I stuck with a Coke and no food for the rides later). When Steph had to ride Mystic Timbers with her family, I gave her a giant hung thanking her, and I now waited for thirty minutes for VortexBFForever near the front of Kings Island.


You would think it would be hard to spot her without our favorite emotional support dragon named toothless, but when she runs past you wearing Vortex gear, it isn’t hard either. I tried to hug her but she was a women on a mission to get Vortex parts for her friends, which I understood, but she did get me out of breath from near the front to the emporium (she is a fast silly runner). I was however thankful that she ran quick though, there were only around five track pieces left from what I remember, and there was a line behind us. She wasn’t ordering the track piece for her, she was getting two for two friends, and those friends must be beyond thankful for her.


After she had dealt with the track piece, we were finally able to hug after the run, and she gives wonderful hugs as always! We decided to start with Delirium, which was awesome, and I let go of her hand and the harness near the top of it which is quite fun! She did make a funny observation later, I only got really nervous and needed to hold her hand during the scans for safety, and it happened in every ride with her.


We decided to hit Invertigo next, as I forgot to get the cheap tickets for skyflyer that morning and I didn’t get them due to the limited time I had at the park, and it was my first ride on Invertigo going backwards. We decided to sit at the very back going backwards (or front depending on how you look at it), so we went down the first drop backwards, and thankfully she counted and let me know when it was about to drop much like our other Invertigo rides. I have a weird thing where my head needs to be forward on Invertigo so my glasses don’t accidentally break (they have never but I am nervous about that happening), but my first backwards ride on Invertigo was quite intense, and I found out it was one of her favorite things along with Vortex and the loops. I can handle Vortex fine, but backwards on Invertigo made me feel coaster drunk getting off of it, and more coaster drunk than a normal ride on Invertigo going forward first.


After the adventure on Invertigo, I told sweet VortexBFForever that I was ready for Drop Tower next, and I truly was ready to be amazed! We waited only about ten to fifteen minutes at most for Drop Tower, I was watching it in awe while I waited, and I knew I had to do it. Once we were inside the seat of Drop Tower, I got incredibly nervous, but thanks to the extremely tight harness I felt better on Drop Tower. Once I had my buckle on Drop Tower, I had to hold sweet VortexBFForever hand immediately, as I was extremely nervous. She had told me plenty of times before to wait for the top of the Drop Tower, hear a click, and count to between six and eight and then it would drop. I knew that when I sat down, but I still asked her to count for me, as I wasn’t going to look for the top of the tower and she thankfully counted. When she got to six, I said “holy”, click again, F&!$ right as soon as it dropped because I was so nervous and scared. I was expecting an extremely rough drop, but what I got was an extremely smooth drop on Drop Tower at Kings Island, and it is now one of my favorite rides at Kings Island. When we got off Drop Tower I knew I had conquered a fear of heights, I received a lot of praise from VortexBFForever herself, and I was extremely happy I had finally done it during my fifth visit to Kings Island.


After the adrenaline show of Drop Tower, we went to Orion for my final ride of the day, and I had a lot of memories pop up from the fateful day of October 28 2018 (closing day or the last day Firehawk was in operation where I rode Firehawk thanks to VortexBFForever and it is still my number one coaster or ride of all time). On the way to Orion though, I finally realized how much space Vortex took up, and even during my fifth visit to Kings Island it felt weird not seeing the second loop of Vortex in coney mall. When we arrived at Orion, we almost forgot to get a locker for our things, but thankfully the crew at Orion helped us with a friendly reminder. I can’t say how much I love the theme of area 72, but as a person who loved the Area 51 memes due to how stupid they were, it made me laugh and be happy seeing area 72 at Kings Island. When we got to the top of the queue of Orion, we got an odd row so I could hold sweet VortexBFForever hand again, and soon it was off. I didn’t look down until the 300 foot drop, but I was in awe for the whole ride, and I was laughing most of the ride! What really made me laugh was when VortexBFForever said: “This part is what I call the Kuh-Kaw moment!” I soon found out that moment was a massive airtime which I actually enjoyed for once, but it was also a reference to our Firehawk ride from 2018, as she did say that when we were about to exit Firehawk from the seat.


Orion, you are currently among one of my favorite rides of all time, and it goes with my number one rides/coasters of all time which are Vortex Firehawk and now Orion. I understand that some may think I am a GP for saying that, but having not experienced any other Giga coaster, I was in awe of Orion being my first one.


After the laughter and memories of Orion, I had to head home, so me and VortexBFForever along with her friend Drew headed to the front, and I was beyond thankful for that day. After leaving the gas station in mason, I had a four and a half hour drive ahead of me, where the drive went well, and I made it home safe to Nashville Tennessee. My parents were amazed with all I rode that day, but they wanted me to be safe, and so I explained and confirmed that this is clearly a “safe place due to the coronavirus.”


I am beyond thankful for the help I have received thanks to everyone here and the season pass holder page on Facebook, thank you VortexBFForever [mention]VortexBFForever [/mention] and Steph (I don’t know if she is on KIC but we will soon find out) for dealing with me, and thank you Kings Island for the amazing day! Attached to this post at the bottom are the photos before I rode Drop Tower and the photos Steph’s dad took during our slingshot ride. I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of the day.












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