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Kings Island 8 mm film from around 1979-1981 area


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Thank you for sharing!  This makes me appreciate not only the old times at KI when I was a kid, but the effort KI has put into bringing the "magic" back.  I think that is why so many people are loyal to KI--they have a childhood tie in.  I often think to myself that today's kids, in 20-30 years, will think back to Winterfest, normal operating days, Carnivale etc as "classic KI" and those memories will be cemented in their minds.

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My kids I have no doubt will have the great memories I have from when I was young. My oldest was on The Vortex at 5 years old. We had to put extra socks in her shoes to get the extra 1/4 inch height. After we done it I felt bad, She could not hold her head up from the g force in the double loop. We got off and I thought she was going to hate it but she wanted to ride again. I am willing to bet she was one of the very youngest to ride it. 

All that said, I desperately want to see the dark ride totally revamped even if it is Peanuts based. Nothing beats the old Hanna Barbera but I also understand they have to cater to what is relevant for todays kids.  I have fond memories of both Enchanted Voyage and also the Smurfs. My kids and I have no affection for the dark ride now. It is so nothing to us that I can't even remember its name.

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On 12/8/2022 at 11:09 PM, Oldschool75 said:

I wouldn't charge anything to clean and rescan it as long as I can add a copy to the archives. 

Sorry for taking so long to get back here. Sadly, I have no idea where in the 8 mm film this is located. We have 2 hours worth of film. Not sure you want to do 2 hours worth for this. 

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