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Ok so, I had this idea come to me while I was at work, and I wanted to see what you guys think. I was thinking about what could be coming to Kings Island in 2024 or beyond and I think I have a pretty solid idea. I do NOT think this will happen for the 2024 season for several reasons, the most prominent being the re-imagining of TTD at Cedar Point opening in 2024. I think that KI also opening something would just cause unnecessary competition between the parks. I think that we would see construction begin Mid to late 2024 season for opening in the 2025 season. 

I think KI should open a Surf Coaster, but they wanted to see how the re-design worked in SeaWorld Orlando before committing. It has been (from everything I've seen) received amazingly by those that have ridden it. They could place it in the old space occupied by Vortex, extending if need beyond it into the woods near The Beast or behind The Racer's turnaround. It would be a great fit for the park. The park does not have something like this already, and Cedar Fair seems to be going harkening back to nostalgia with several attractions (Wild Mouse returning to CP, the reimagining of TTD, the retro aesthetic merch across all the parks, old areas reimagined or updated, etc.) while using modern tech. Kings Island could install a new version of their once beloved standing coaster, and theme it to the ever expanding world of Miami River Lumber Co. the coaster would be themed to the idea of Log rolling or Logging on the Miami River. the story could be like this: 


With the expanding rumors surrounding the old Miami River Lumber Company, hearing of the recent incidents involving a pickup truck by the Companies old shed (Mystic Timbers) and reports of a monster lurking the grounds. many have attempted to explore the property in search of answers. the stories and rumors had long centered around the woods and the buildings, the river having only been used to transport the wood between the two seemed to be safe. but as old sayings go, the walls have hears, the hills have eyes, and never turn your back on the ocean... the river has a breath, and it doesn't like being ignored. one night you find yourself walking along the banks of the river near the old mill grounds. without warning, you hear a thunderous roar, and suddenly barreling towards you is hundreds of old logs. broken free from their straps after years of decay, your only chance to escape is to hop on top and ride them down the river or risk being crushed. suddenly the once calm river turns into a violent current and rapids, to survive, you must log roll and jump from log to log avoiding rocks and almost certain death. 


this coaster would utilize the raising and lowering of the seats to simulate jumping from log to log. it could be a fairly compact coaster, I imagine something that is quickly paced, more quick than Pipeline, but not super fast. I think it should still have the "flowing" and smooth feel because you would be "on water" for the ride. I imagine quick airtime transitions that change the bank like on Pipeline, but more compact, or like on the way to the final turn of Zadra, but slightly more drawn out. I think a slalom section like on cheetah hunt could be a fun addition and sensation, like quick hopping between logs heading up the river. I think they would be able to work with the terrain of the plot, using it to make the sweeping turns.  


let me know what you guys think about a Surf Coaster for 2025 for Kings Island

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