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Camp Snoopy Construction Going Strong For 2024 Debut

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Kings Island reports construction on the new Camp Snoopy area of the kids area is coming along well.

Due to the favorable weather conditions in December and so far in January, the construction project of Camp Snoopy is on schedule. According to the KI Blog, all of the excavating and site preparations have been completed. The construction crew is also done with foundation work for the new roller coaster, Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers. The next step in the project is the placing supports and track pieces in for 672 ft roller coaster. Two track pieces are already on site at Kings Island. The construction crews are eager to sit the first piece of track in place. Station construction is expected to be finished by April.

There is no specific opening date for Camp Snoopy at this time. The only timeline we have from the park is in 2024. KICentral members are hoping that means by Memorial Day Weekend or sooner. Hopefully the favorable weather conditions continue and we will see Camp Snoopy open earlier in the season rather than later. While we wait for that date, Camp Snoopy promises exciting adventures for both the smallest guests and the young at heart. 

Photo Credit Kings Island




Snoopy's Soap Box Racers - Families and children will love this boomerang coaster that sends riders down a thrilling launch hill and hits speeds of up to 36 m.p.h. The 672-foot racetrack is filled with twists and turns making it the soap box derby no one will forget.


Rendering of Snoopy's Soap Box Racers kids' boomerang coaster at Kings Island's Camp Snoopy.



Beagle Scout Acres - An area where kids can run, crawl, play or relax with the family in a shaded comfortable space. Explore a campsite filled with turfed mounds and grassy areas, interactive equipment to makes noise, tents to climb through or over and footprint paths made by Woodstock and his friends.

Family enjoying a shaded activity at Kings Island's Camp Snoopy kids' area.

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