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New PKI Commercial


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I saw a great commercial yesterday for PKI. They showed a nice shot of Delirium in full swing. They also showed Rugrats Runaway Reptar, Top Gun, Tomb Raider, and I think SOB. There was a heavy emphasis on "ride the movies". Then, a little later, I saw one for Cedar Point. It was awesome as well. But, definitely two different directions for the commercials. PKI's was all about riding the movies while CP's focused on the coasters. Makes me really anxious for my upcoming PKI trip with my brother and two uncles. We are going in two weeks. We used to go together all the time when I was younger, before my back surgery. I couldn't ride coasters for five years. My uncles have not been since Delirium, Tomb Raider, Face/Off, or SOB was built, so they have some catching up to do. I'll post a trip report afterwards as I expect this trip to be memorable. I'm looking forward to adding to my on-ride photo collection. I just need FOF, SOB, and The Beast. Is FOF's photo back this year? I heard that it was coming back.

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