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  1. I have no problems with it being a stock design. Cedar Point's new Zamperla spinning mouse is one of the stock designs, and meanwhile across Planet Snoopy you've got Woodstock Express and there are countless instances and variations of that old PTC figure-8 junior coaster layout.
  2. RCDB shows Good Gravy as being 721 feet, and under notes it says the distance traveled is "nearly 1,500" feet, and Good Gravy is a custom design while SSBR is the "208m Rebound" catalog model. So, slightly shorter, and a stock design instead of custom, but ultimately for parks like Holiday World such a ride has to serve the role of a major attraction, rather than a "this is part of a kids area project" attraction.
  3. Yes hello, is this the Department of Redundancy Department?
  4. Banshee had too much to drink and took the loop wrong.
  5. From what I've seen it's more likely that Paramount will merge with Skydance rather than WB.
  6. That building is on part of the boneyard land that used to house the King Cobra track and was also the previous fireworks launch site. There is still a lot of stuff stored outside there.
  7. I've said it before for other things, I'll say it again. A lot of the problems regarding trees removed due to construction or demolition could be fixed by planting rows of fast-growing pines to fill in. There appears to be enough room between the flume and the closest foundations to do that here. Behind Cargo Loco/Adventure Port in general to separate from Banshee? Row of pines. Next to Beast's first turn where Vortex demolition left it so open? Row of pines. Divide Backlot from Rivertown? Row of pines along that side of the pathway. The clearcut area behind the former Crypt building that leaves Diamondback too open? Pines.
  8. I'm fine with Linus Launcher not being renamed... But PLEASE PAINT IT SOMETHING NOT PURPLE. Even if it's just leftover paint from the Flying Ace job, make it fit in and not look absurd.
  9. There's not really a lot of room up there, considering the upper levels are built subscale to make them look larger, just like the Disney castles.
  10. I doubt I could find it now but a while back I posted a detailed overhaul idea for Backlot that would turn it into a ride-thru classic funhouse theme for Coney, including removing the way into the entrance plaza that's towards the Rivertown side, restoring the serpentine brick wall there, and angling the entrance to make it fully Coney instead of the haphazard half-Rivertown half-Coney setup it has currently. There's way too much concrete just for the entrance plaza space, so a lot of that would be taken out for landscaping. The parking garage would also be removed and a wall of trees planted down the path to separate it from Rivertown. Cover up all the exposed steel structure of the midcourse stop, turn the midcourse stop into something like a house of mirrors and light tricks (same for the tunnel), remove or cover the shipping containers, bright paint scheme, remove the fire effect system, etc. I got into more detail when I originally posted this idea over a year ago but I don't remember what thread it was in.
  11. Ultimately, CF is the controlling stake of the merger and very little of existing SF corporate will remain. CF rejected SF when an offer was made that would have been the other way around, but agreed with this. I'm not expecting cookie-cutter cheap carnival rides like the Larson Loops, at least one park has already removed theirs, although down the road it's possible that the DC Comics IP could come into use.
  12. Surf Dog has only been there since 2006, but the Whirlybirds I could see being removed because the station/queue structure takes up a lot of room and everywhere the track runs creates both ground (columns) and height (track) restrictions in the area. With a "New Vekoma" in the form of SSBR, I could see Invertigo being removed if anything of significance were to fail or maintenance costs start to outweigh ridership. It's the only Invertigo model left in the Western Hemisphere, too.
  13. It was called Swan Lake but the inhabitants were the annoying Canadian Geese.
  14. I didn't care at all when the Subway closed because the couple times I actually got something there, it wasn't even a very good Subway. Seemed like they were getting lower quality ingredients than a "real" Subway. Festhaus is my primary gripe. The worst LaRosa's in the park, generic burgers-and-fries stuff, and a Panda Express. Should just use one side for what Oktoberfest Gardens once was, and the other side to replace the Biergarten.
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