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  1. What I most remember from the 90s are the old hand-crank cars that were removed after 2005, the McScrappy's Farm playground, and the mini-playground-of-sorts area by Busytown Grill with the recycled shoe rubber safety stuff on the ground.
  2. Maybe we'll get another round of Gravity Group overhaul during the postseason to address additional parts of the ride. Second tunnel through to the approach to the second lift could use new track.
  3. I'm sure they have some extra wooden benches and patio tables sitting around.
  4. There's a round looking foundation between the flagpole and the Mess Hall building that could be for the Teletubbies Tunnel hill. In the concept art it was out in front but if they actually put it there it would take up all the walking space between Franklin's Flyers and the overhead structure. The concept art in general had things spaced out too much to be physically possible to fit that way.
  5. I have absolutely no idea how playground areas like this are put together, so I'm just gonna assume the contractor for it knows what they're doing and see what the final result is.
  6. I had wanted Vortex’s station to be refurbished and enclosed with windows to serve as a park museum.
  7. I wonder if they'll convert Xcelerator to Zamperla LSM. It should be able to get full speed without needing a spike.
  8. Just put the smartwatch around your ankle and explain you're not legally allowed to remove it, lol.
  9. I just REALLY hope they don't wreck the old lighthouse entrance down by the former riverboat dock. It's completely out of the way of feasible development due to lower elevation there right by the river, knocking it down would just be a deliberate "because we can" action.
  10. If we learned anything from tracking Adventure Port progress last year, it's that a lot can happen in a short period of time. Right now the playground is just some gravel and excavators, and the mess hall is a frame. By the weekend, who knows. By next weekend? Could be drastic, just like Adventure Port took major leaps during each week until it all came together. On opening day it was just concrete and ride foundations, it looked like a possible disaster. But once declared completed and opened, it had become unrecognizable from the depressing construction site sitting on the midway.
  11. Phew, they ripped out the orange concrete for proper sign installation, and painted the fences for Linus Launcher.
  12. Looks like some minor leaguers got a tour today.
  13. Okay, I was impressed by the sign, Woodstock paint job, and purple being removed from Linus Launcher, but I just noticed the sign is surrounded by a small section of the old Nick Universe orange-ish shaded concrete, and that bugs me a little. Would've been a good time to expand the Rivertown paver work over to meet Camp Snoopy.
  14. Purple, be GONE! New sign looks nice and really blends into Rivertown. That transition had been a terrible clash ever since the original Splat City installation, and made worse when the flume became part of Nick at the same time then-Reptar was built.
  15. There was a lot of clearing done on the right side of Beagle Scout Acres, can see the picnic grove fence. Wonder if the playground will be taking up that much space outside or if it's clearing for construction purposes.
  16. A full trip around Voyage is quite the workout. I did the ACE construction tour in March 2006, which involved hiking ALL the way back on the left side, around the turnaround, and then back on the right side. The station wasn't complete, the walkway bridge into Thanksgiving was just dirt and gravel making getting down there and back interesting by itself, but trackwork was either completed or in progress on the entire course. Some of the tunnels hadn't been enclosed yet due to trackwork, which made for some interesting views. I've done countless Beast tours over the years including ones that went all the way back across the second tunnel and down right next to the track near the second left approach, but the Voyage route doesn't give you any straight, level areas that are basically nature walks, that terrain makes you work for it. Standing next to the midcourse brake, with the track barely a few feet above ground level and looking down the hill back towards the lift hill, that's quite a view.
  17. I've got a couple of them somewhere. One from when it was new, and a second from the Great Paramount Fire Sale of 2007.
  18. I remember when Paramount would do that like the day before opening, in addition to asphalt sealing. Blah!
  19. Make it the new extension of Oktoberfest with a Black Forest type setting. The current "mini-Oktoberfest" would stay and the path between there and Delirium would be the primary entrance with a spooky sign.
  20. School of Rock was a great show, but the only thing good that happened with the sorry excuse of a "Hollywood magic show" that was Magic of the Movies was the chainwide renovation of the indoor theaters.
  21. Good Gravy is a major by-itself addition for Holiday World, but for KI it's a major chain park with a lot of coasters expanding the kids area. I don't think the stock design is "bland" because it's the first instance of it in the US. Sure, there are numerous instances in Europe but "New Vekoma" is just now getting into the US market.
  22. I have no problems with it being a stock design. Cedar Point's new Zamperla spinning mouse is one of the stock designs, and meanwhile across Planet Snoopy you've got Woodstock Express and there are countless instances and variations of that old PTC figure-8 junior coaster layout.
  23. RCDB shows Good Gravy as being 721 feet, and under notes it says the distance traveled is "nearly 1,500" feet, and Good Gravy is a custom design while SSBR is the "208m Rebound" catalog model. So, slightly shorter, and a stock design instead of custom, but ultimately for parks like Holiday World such a ride has to serve the role of a major attraction, rather than a "this is part of a kids area project" attraction.
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