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  1. @JonahWilliamsonSlightly better night vision. Starlights are the best though.
  2. Y'all will like this: From us at WildGravity Travels! (Link)
  3. Go watch your Intamins on CP's (functional) webcams. LOL
  4. But, we will be living on the Orion Constellation by that point, according to Astronomers.
  5. Yeah. They are feeding a whole bunch of people in different states. Artemis does appear to be picking up quite a bit of track.
  6. We have been trying to get back up in the air, but weather hasnt exactly been the best higher up.
  7. Again, this is amusing. Things will be different when the cams come back up. Not much, but noticable.
  8. tHE one that tastes the best. Dem stupid caps. Oops.
  10. Since webcams are down, I think a moment of off topic is fine. Mods will probably think different. lol
  11. Ha! You guys crack me up. We can survive a couple days without a webcam. My lips need to be sealed, just so I dont ruffle any feathers, or whatever you want to call it.
  12. We've gone through this sooo many times. That rattle is from Diamondback being a snake... its completely normal.
  13. Good pic! Pro tip, put your watermark in between the two cranes. Harder to Remove the watermark Crop it out of the picture. I like this different perspective though.
  14. Enjoy this picture from Thrilling Moments Photography on Twitter.
  15. Oh, the jokes that could be made with that sentence... On edit: Hey @malem, where are your up close pics?
  16. Artemis has already been named. It's not being changed...
  17. What? Is that gibberish on purpose?
  18. We would have another Yukon Striker reenactment. On edit: They are building more of Artemis. Btw, I couldnt upload the full image, so I had to crop it.
  19. What if they dropped the drop on top of the drop?
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