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  1. Knotts? Id hate KI to become like that too compact and packing in the people (because $$) makes for a very miserable day (we also were dumb going on veterans day but didn't have much choice- since paying full price we thought having more hours 9am-10pm was better value than if we had gone the wed when it was only 10-6pm-live and learn). its fine to expand within but they need to add facilities (bathrooms/places to sit and pathways to go along with the crowds brought with the new rides etc. Knotts doesn't even flow well from one area to the next, it was hard to get around to the different areas and the app map was confusing to navigate, because of expansion within without adding accommodating extra paths etc. its competitor (disneyland) is also land locked but they apparently do well with forward thinking and crowded as it was everything flowed and there was a big difference in enjoyment. I can see though KI trying to not expand too far out with all the encroaching housing developments too and trying to not **** them off that they raise more of a stink than they already do. (even though it's their fault they chose to build there) and they are going to do as much as they can as cost effective as possible for the shareholder profit margin
  2. Its not tied to a name so if the card is empty no fee will charge as who would they collect it from? its a generic visa card same as the gift ones it doesn't require registration to use so its only if you leave money on it for x amount of time because if you aren't using it you are holding space in the servers of the amount etc basically a storage fee is what it equates to.
  3. Actually its more likely to increase jobs in Rev Audit- Rev audit doesn't go away just because its cashless. they are still handling money and transactions and such. they still have to audit the ins and outs same with the count room- they will still have to count the card machines that transfer cash to cards etc. my workplace is transitioning to cashless in oct- most of it already has been and rev audit has only increased in workload not decreased. the parking will still be cash handling im sure for that reason for guests who maybe be from out of state or country who may not know etc but maybe limited to 2 booths. I hope all the FB whiners who are saying they aren't coming anymore hold to that threat lol i want shorter lines haha- but i've heard people say that all the time and a couple weeks later they are back...
  4. Finally got to enjoy a chefs plate and it was something I only like lol it was really done well! Salmon is the only fish I like beside cod and i could taste the cedar notes from the plank and the Jam and cauliflower on top went well with it. And the portion was huge. It was exciting to get to enjoy a special offering. My friend was shocked that that was at Kings Island in a good way
  5. It would have been nice to know yesterday that they quit I was expecting a little less chaos because we had to all make reservations when we planned it. It was ok the lines dropped about 530 for food so the hubs and kid ate before we left. They really need to put in another large changing/restroom building maybe between the little kid and the walk to the lazy River if they want these crowds they need more restrooms and changing facilities. Otherwise we enjoy the wave pool and such.
  6. Definitely competitor. At least to me they are. I may pay a little more for Dollywood but I get clean safe paved parking, trams, decent discount of food and souvenirs( which are also cheaper than ki on same brand clothing items/ I've compared exact same items just with different logos ki is 10$ higher) Dollywood uses the same company for the drink cups as Kings Island both cost 30$ a season dw gives you a nice thick double walled sturdy cup where ki gives you a thin see through single layer might crack if you drop it cup. Does Kings Island have more coasters maybe. But dw offers more in entertainment and atmosphere especially shows. Ki is Cedar Fair which is a little bigger than Herschend but I think the latter handles their money wiser and not always out for the biggest every year, more a quality over quantity thing.
  7. Anyone know if they will be bringing back the special chefs plate like they did last year? We never made it to one but the pictures and blogs about the specials looked fantastic and seemed to have been a hit! because of the lines we went for value and did Panda Express today. Was really good as usual and they always load it up which is nice even for those paying full price. The food staff handled the crowd well though kudos to them for this very busy first day!
  8. We gave up lines everywhere except the restrooms lol even drink lines are 30+mins people are leaving but just about as many are still coming in.
  9. Happy season passholder opening day 2021!!!
  10. KI was Cooler when it was Paramount and themed to movies
  11. and i don't camp at Cedar Point for that reason. Last time i went to CP we camped at a place iirc like 20 mins around from the bridgeway to cp. but that was 20 years ago and anything on site is too rich for me. Just like i probably never will at KI. Also Disney Camprground is only 120 cheap season 170 prime _Most expensive camping slab i've been to but that price is expected its disney not a regular amusement park. i don't think this resort even compares to cost as much as they want. I can camp at an amazing KOA near dollywood for less than 109 a night and it has just as nice amenities. I bet they find out once the Newness wears off they wont find that price sustainable to fill it. then the deals will emerge. they should of had a low rent pad section for those of us just wishing to camp instead of drive back and forth each day- its too rich for me to negate a 30/45 min drive instead. But since camper sales are through the roof right now maybe theres more people with disposable income than i know.
  12. Yikes guess they don't want average camping folks. 109$ a night for a parking slab. Might do it once this summer just to try it and the convenience but too rich to do more than that. Btw bookings now open June 14-sept
  13. Maybe there's some use for masks and face shields after all LOL
  14. Not yet as is opening weekend they were required everywhere and they removed pretty much all but 2 of the mask free zones where you could sit distanced and take it off for a bit. I'm hoping that by summer will be at the point where you only need them for indoor spaces or crowded areas. Even if dewine drops the mandates private companies can still choose the rules they want and may keep the requirement. Who knows for sure but one can hope. Nope purple sun stagger with grabbing stuff etc there and the whole train was released at once. It never felt too crowded. Now the shows stagger exiting and release a section at a time but that was my pet peeve about Kings Island the weird row by row release. To much and slowed down efficiency a lot.
  15. Dollywood filled every row this weekend, took away just about every mask free zone so maybe we are close to only masks for indoor shows, shopping and dining areas that are indoors. I hope so it would be nice to only need them for tight spaces and not in the open air. they also opened the museum with controlled capacity and quite a few indoor theatres limited but open again. I think we're on the up swing hopefully.
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