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  1. it will be so weird not hearing it running while walking down that midway. Also not being able to be right there as it goes through the batwing.
  2. I think that leaves us with 1 more support and thats all!
  3. Or they may be adding more supports we just can't see due to all the supports from the helix.
  4. Cleo looks to be connecting to a section of track already installed. Would they remove a section in order to complete the helix? Maybe my eyes are just wrong haha
  5. Cleo is starting to raise. May see more track in place soon.
  6. As far as I know S&S have only ever worked on the power tower models in the chain.
  7. Big Yellow is now gone. Cleo is back to manning the helix area. It now seems T-Bone has another support up. It hiding behind a lift hill support now.
  8. Welcome back Cleo! haha Moving to helix now.
  9. And just like that...............big yellow is gone. just saw it driving on outta there.
  10. Little late to the game eh? lol j/k.
  11. No with Vortex we are saying they keep the Batwing portion ( too late) near the midway just for photo ops or something. Not the corkscrews,
  12. Yeah the pic above looks awesome! It would of been neat in my own opinion. My guess is that CP would do this with corkscrew.
  13. Not much work getting done now lol ** Edit - Big Yellow and cherry pickers are awake! Big Yellow heading out of the helix to start on the exit of the helix. Edie x 2 - Welp nvm they lowered BY and did nothing lol
  14. Give me an Intamin multi launch like Pantheon! I have to agree with the above comment. Please give me a break on the B&M's lol. They are mostly great but I am ready for something else.
  15. Are there anti rollback on a non lift hill ....hill on racer? Also they wouldn't leave the trains outside to get tore up from the winter weather.
  16. Ride maybe but " Needs work". That's another story!
  17. Yeah i see the tarps / plastic. Is this re tracking or painting? Or something else like just checking bolts?
  18. Batwing gone. As others have stated. That is sad. That would of been an awesome photo op.
  19. Lunch time for the Skyhigh guys?
  20. I think they are at lunch. We may see some very sad things later this afternoon.
  21. At this moment the batwing looks full intact. I think they ripped out the helix and are cleaning up the mess as they go.
  22. I think parts of the batwing are still there. They have stopped work for the moment. KI probs found out we can see and are on the way to move cam lol
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