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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I took a ride on the train today, and noticed that there were some trees between MT and the train that were tagged. Nothing super unusual, probably just tagged for removal. However, back towards the train house, there were wooden stakes in the ground with some writing, couldn't really read what it said. Then again back towards the fake tree stumps were the town is, there were more. Anybody have any leads? Just clearing of land? Added theming? Other activity?
  2. 1. Diamondback 2. Mystic Timbers 3. Banshee 4. The Bat 5. Firehawk 6. The Beast 7. F.O.F. 8. Racer 9. Invertigo 10. BLSC 11. Adventure Express 12. Vortex 13. Flying Ace 14. Woodstock Express 15. Great Pumpkin
  3. After losing 55 pounds, and doing the walk of shame more than once, I was finally able to ride MT tonight! It was well worth the wait. I came in with the mindset of focusing on the ride and not the shed, and can definitely say that ride itself is unique, intense, fun, and makes me want to come back for more. Great night!
  4. My ride was a bit disappointing. Could not quite get the click I needed to ride. I've lost quite a bit of weight, but I guess not quite enough yet! Gonna try again for every ten pounds I lose until I can fit. Had high hopes....
  5. Go to guest services. They're best equipped to help you get it figured out
  6. Remember to be extra kind to the employees who are staying late for Timbers Tuesdays for us passholders. They'd normally be going home shortly after 8 with the normal closing time, but they'll likely be there until after 10 with the additional ride time, so be kind and say thanks to people like first aid workers, ride ops, guest services, security, lost and found workers, etc who will be there extended hours for us!
  7. I think intent matters. In this picture, it's obviously at the end of the ride waiting to come back to the station. Now if it's at the top of the life hill or mid course on Diamondback, then it's a different story. I do wonder though how many people drop there phones doing things like this, and then get mad at the park for not stopping everything and getting their stuff lol
  8. That standard answer is "it depends". 240 is a loose "weight limit". I've ridden rides like Banshee and beast when I was over 300 pounds, and Diamondback with my weight around 280-290. But I'm taller and have a bigger frame so my body weight is spread out evenly. Each individual is different, so it's really impossible to tell what rides you might and might not be able to fit on. I would think you'd be OK on a few like bat and maybe Invertigo.
  9. Just FYI, for rides that don't have test seats, you can walk up the exit and ask to see if you can fit in the restraints before you wait all the way through line! Has saved me lots of waiting and embarrassment
  10. I would disagree with the sentiment that Diamondback test seat is the standard, I would dare say Diamondback is one of the more restrictive rides in the park actually. With the given dimensions, I would think that most rides would be doable for you. I had fairly similar dimensions a couple years ago, and was able to ride everything. You are 2 inches taller than I am, so maybe something like Invertigo or Banshee could be tough, and potentially beast/racer if you have longer legs. But my guess is that if you were able to fit Diamondbacks seat, you should be pretty close to being able to fitting
  11. I still have yet to ride! It'll be another month or so until i get to the park. I've lost about 35 pounds in a attempt to be able to fit on more rides, so I'm hoping MT will be a possibility when I do get to finally ride!~
  12. I've ventured through Planet Snoopy and some of the Peanuts shops in past years and hear the piano music pretty often. I have yet to be at the park this season, but the last few seasons I've heard the theme playing in the park a few times!
  13. At least for MT there was some background and scenery added in. It actually looked like the park. I had never seen the storm chaser announcement until I heard about it in this thread, and couldn't believe that was the official announcement lol!
  14. It is. You can get the liscenses at the Planet Snoopy measurement place
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