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  1. ^ This is correct they had cast bowls with flames in them.
  2. I believe razorwire is even illegal a lot of places. Unless it's a government use etc.
  3. Even then stuff will get missed unless they literally are patting people down or making people turn their pockets out. Even zipper bags don't work. TR:TR had them and it was still the ride with the most loose articles even though it had the most aggressive free securing option and had employees taking large items and probably the most aggressive loose article spiels in amusement history. Seperator mentioned putting mine in my pocket and I didn't get stopped by the people in the restraints and on platform. So I just chalked it up to her trying to be friendly and help me not lose them vs. an actual policy. My glasses will get broken in my pocket and likely have a better chance at slipping out than just on my face. I can at least attest to how well they stay on my face and I didn't even like riding TTD with them on a strap because I still felt like they could come off or Raptor/Rougarou because of the headbanging.
  4. Many of the ride operators have likely not even been to a family funeral yet. It's going to be a lot of trauma for them to process. Even ones not working Banshee at the time. It's something that will be with them through life. On other comments I doubt anyone else was injured. If they were it would have been mentioned over scanner traffic and it would be known with or without a park statement.
  5. This is the way. They're experts on the subject.
  6. Dude this reports like Six Flags gonna be going through chapter 11 and liquidating real estate if CF does not merge. Also yeah that company owns 3% of SF stock. They also in a 12/2022 article talk about wanting the chain to sell off land and believe the land is worth more than the company.
  7. I bet Cedar Fair had better health insurance for the therapy though.
  8. I had this though too make it go away. I don't think they'd be dumb enough to brand everything Six Flags, if anything they need to remove the name from most of the parks except where it could be seen as a postiive like in Texas.
  9. FUN isn't near the size of SIX though. The company culture is extremley different and SIX has shown again and again to bend to cheapening out while Cedar Fair has leaned into a more low and slow routine. The main issue I have is Six Flags has a horrible public image. As others have even commented already in this thread, non-amusement park people usually have nothing positive to say about Six Flags. Ask your friends from St Louis and Rochester etc if they like Theme parks and the opinions they'll have are often horrible, because SF has damaged the image of the entire industry across the nation. If the board was 7v5 I'd be more optimistic, but being equal between sides and with SIX having so much more outside industry influence through the years it brings, I'm just concerned the current direction of CF will be hard to maintain over "just cut everything to maximize bonuses and the 10k. Also that from the statement the Cedar Fair name will be dissolved and the company will take on Six Flags. That just seems entirely tone deaf to public knowledge. But at the market level, hardly anyone knows who Cedar Fair is but everyone on wallstreet has heard of six flags and not in a positive way. Why cut a regional deal with Skyline when we have the power to now just throw in a national chain? Why not bring Nathans to every park in America. The strength of a company Six Flags sizes is a lot of rope to hang themselves. I worry Six Flags negatives are far greater than the good Cedar Fair has. Even getting Cedar Fair on track post Kinzel took a good effort. It took a Disney man that understands the industry, trust and investment to get there.
  10. The company is going to be too big for the voice in the room that wants to run a theme park like a theme park. The boat is too big to be steered in the right direction now. Comparing FUN to SIX stock and shareholders is even very different.
  11. This press release should have jsut been. "WE'D LIKE TO WELCOME BACK JEFFREY SEIBERT TO THE TEAM!" then a small blib about the merger.
  12. boy capitalism sure is great... I really wish them the best, but I just don't think Cedar Fair can steer a ship this large. It's 100% a shareholder game now and that means the consumer loses.
  13. I'm assuming you don't get to keep the glass? lol
  14. I believe Sycamore Gym Mine is supposed to be the first tunnel of AE. I know The Beast in a very close manner and have never heard of any sort of Sycamore anything with it being referred that way. Unless that is something that just started, but I think the signs basically tell you the location and that you go through it on AE. That map in the queue is AEs layout as wel.
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