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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. We will let you know when the KI Blog posts about a meet up.
  2. I agree about corporate sponsorship. Money talks. I'm pro dome for shizzle. I may have been subconsciously influenced by @kingsislandfan1972's profile pic, but I pictured the Max Headroom scene in BTTF Part 2. I think all of the food services will be completely automated, whether it be assembly line style bots or a more humanoid AI. For some reason this concept for ride ops bothers me. Speaking of rides, I think the theming of future coasters and rides will be insanely awesome and ride experiences will be more immersive. I think we will see more indoor coasters. I do hope th
  3. I'm not a huge fan of water rides but I have fond memories as a kid marathoning KCKC. I'd also love to have another few spins on King Cobra. Defunct rides I never got to ride but would like to have had the opportunity include the Bavarian Beetle, Screamin Demon, Zodiac and Flight Commander.
  4. As long as they don't mess with my taters, we are good. They're my favorite meal in the park.
  5. I wish we had patches! Also, better sticker selections. I love stickers! I'd love to see this magical coat of yours!
  6. I'm late to the party again, but I'm here to share my final thoughts on my Gravity experience this summer. Like I've said a million times before, I never imagined I'd fall in love with a show like I have Gravity. The KI Theatre was a lovely retreat from the weather, but even more so it was wonderful to become immersed in another world for thirty minutes at a time. If it was an all-day park day for me, it was nothing for me to watch three or four times a day (depending on the day of course). I connected with so many lovely people who also love the show. It was such a breath of fresh
  7. The only coaster with the longer restraints is Banshee rows 4 and 5. Also if you ask the ride op to pull up on the vest, you’ll have a much comfier ride. I’d say sure bets for sure are Adventure Express and Bat. Backlot is also a decent bet. Depending on how you carry your weight is what determines the fit. For example, I carry mine low, so restraints that attach between the legs can be uncomfortable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. @Fye Coasters Did you ever find elusive photo?
  9. That's so cool!!!! We should invite him back for a night ride on The Beast. I volunteer to host him.
  10. You know, I could get down with this. Just leave the OG alone.
  11. I know the one at The Beast has been there since at least the beginning of last season when I started returning to the park. The one at Mystic was for sure there at Winterfest, although I don't have proof. It may have even been there for Haunt or before.
  12. I remember the shop. I also remember wonderful cool misters hanging from the corner of that little facade. I miss the paw prints.
  13. Welcome to KIC, @KingLlama! That's so cool! What an amazing experience!
  14. I turned 10 in October of 1992. This was in the days where I'd stay up watching the original Beverly Hills, 90210, and all of the stars from the show were the coolest thing since sliced bread. I remember hearing about this special, and watching it "live" when it aired for the first time. It was then that I discovered the Smurf ride had been taken out and replaced with Phantom Theatre. I remember trying to always sit in the same seat as Jason did on the (now) Great Pumpkin Coaster. I still love watching the special now and again - it brings back so many good memories. This is the first KI
  15. I didn't realize they had saved that loading platform! I wonder what that area would look like from above? Back then and now?
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