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  1. whengodsaysgo

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    You know, I kinda thought that may be the case. @Magenta Lizard did mention that they were off on Wednesdays.
  2. whengodsaysgo

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    This was posted after the 5pm show tonight. Also, in case you didn’t know, the only show that is sensory-sensitive is the 11:30.
  3. whengodsaysgo

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    @magentalizard and I watched the 11:30 show this morning, and they did keep the house lights on. They lowered the music volume, and took out Jett’s laser act. Brigid (blue girl alien) had a new little ditty during the bar act. Nobody came out during the pre-show. @lieutenantphil is bringing his A game per usual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. whengodsaysgo

    Mystic Timbers employees rude

    As a woman who frequents the park, I've developed a way to have all of my personal items on my person at all times in the park without having to carry a bag. If I need something important, I'll run to my car to retrieve it. It can definitely be done, and makes for a more enjoyable experience for myself as I don't have to worry about anything but getting on and off rides.
  5. whengodsaysgo

    Beast Brakes

    Welcome to KIC, @KIBanshee9! The Beast is still my favorite ride in the park. I'd love to do it with no brakes!
  6. whengodsaysgo

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    I'm not sure how many times I've seen the show now, but I'm really enjoying watching it evolve as the season goes on. Little things here and there are changed around, every character is giving their all every show. I'm enjoying the new purple alien act. I love taking photos with the cast, and finding refuge from the heat in the theatre. Every time that last song starts, I'm sad that it's over. I never imagined I'd be so into it, but I'm so glad that I am. Sometimes, the most unexpected joys in life are the best.
  7. whengodsaysgo

    Walking/ Exercise route

    I haven't kept track of my miles since Coasterstock. They're all in the health app on my phone. I don't ever go to the park with the intent to walk a certain amount of miles, but just go in and enjoy myself and let the miles take care of themselves. Yesterday I arrived a little after noon and spent the day with @Magenta Lizard and @Mrs. No Chickens and in ten hours I walked 10.7 miles, and that was with seeing Gravity three times. I find it ends up being around a mile an hour depending on what the agenda is. Saturday of Coasterstock I had my highest mileage, which was right around 17 or so.
  8. whengodsaysgo

    Kings Island's National Blue Ice Cream Day, July 1, 2018

    The bite of salsa I had was good, but not knock-my-socks-off good. I think it would be better if it were blended a little better instead of having the whole berries in it. PS: I'd love to see photos of @Magenta Lizard in the ice cream eating contest! I'm hoping she is selected.
  9. whengodsaysgo

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    I especially appreciate the bridge over the Royal Fountain!!
  10. whengodsaysgo

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    My eyes are so sweaty with respect and I have goosebumps the size of grapefruits. I love this!
  11. whengodsaysgo

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    I'm so down for that it's not even funny. I pass this building on 741 on way to the park. It SCREAMS Stranger Things. http://360pharmagroup.com/ Perhaps some experiment went wrong and mutated creatures escaped. Perhaps they were testing a medication and it got into the ground water and caused the indigenous creatures of the area to change in size and appearance. Oh, the possibilities. We need to get @McSalsa in on this!!
  12. whengodsaysgo

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Shrug. I thought so. Maybe the sun was in my eyes. LOL! If you squint a little? Nothing? WGSG, perhaps going blind.
  13. whengodsaysgo

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    How about something that ties together the Rivertown coasters? I loved the RL Stine books about The Beast. Maybe they could put in a dark ride that would incorporate either the legend about The Beast itself, Mystic Timbers, and even Diamondback. So many creatures and so much rich storytelling that could take place. I mean, I realize it's not likely, but a girl can dream, right?
  14. whengodsaysgo

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Does anyone else think that that looks like @electricsun on the top left? @IndyGuy4KI?
  15. Check these puppies out! https://buff.ly/2J4YY17 So, I’ve noticed tons of cargo pants and shorts worn in the enthusiast community. Lots of people utilize these handy dandy zippered pockets to secure their phones and other personal items while they enjoy the likes of The Beast, Diamondback and all of the other rides we love. See, I’m a skirt girl. And finding a skirt with a pocket let alone a useful zippered pocket is next to impossible. I’m not a fan of the fanny pack - too bulky. You couldn’t pay me to carry a purse. My favorite items for storing personal belongings on my body (while wearing a skirt!) are my RooSport pouch and my wrist wallet. I purchased the larger RooSport, and I love it! It’s waterproof, has a zippered pocket for cards and cash (or a pack of gum if you’re like me), a slot for your phone (complete with a hole to attach earbuds), and a tiny pouch perfect for my lip balm. It slides under my waist band and snaps with a strong magnetic closure. It’s slim and sleek and does a fantastic job. My wrist wallet looks like a sweat band, but it holds my cards or cash as well. How do you organize and secure your stuff at KI?