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  1. Speaking of track, did we ever learn where that piece of Firehawk that was lying around that first week ended up?
  2. You'll probably already hit these points the best you can anyway, but I'm particularly interested in the hill after the first drop (speed? G-forces? Any possibility of being slightly overbanked?) and the helix (again, speed? G-forces? Any air time at the top of it?)
  3. That's a tight fit! It looked from your video like there were a couple other near-misses with supports leading right into this coming out of the helix. I would guess the 4th is on the speedhill after the turn around? I'll check out the video and find out since it's tough to tell on 2d video!
  4. Yeah it does, and that comes directly after the helix element which should have one or two of it's own.
  5. What if they're going to pull the tree out of the ground, roots and all, and the crater left behind will be enough to put the lift hill height right at 300'?
  6. What if that's our Kite Eating Giga Tree?
  7. The lone tree remains! That is dang near directly under the peak of the lift hill. Why is it still there?
  8. They should just call it Flight Deck. Reuse the old signs, save a couple bucks.
  9. I had done a little bit of side by side watching myself between the KI coaster and Leviathan/Fury. Doing the same as you did here results in the KI coaster ending about halfway through the second to last camelback on Fury. That's the quantity. I haven't ridden Leviathan so I can't comment to the quality. I still think the KI giga could be higher quality than Fury, but a lot will depend on that helix. I look at the KI giga as 3 acts: 1) The first drop and banked left turn. It's 85 feet more drop and 10 mph more than Diamondback, leading into a 2nd hill that's 10 feet shorter than DB's 2nd hill..... at a slight left turn and sideways. It'll be a lot of fun. 2) The turnaround and speedhill. We'll see how that ascent into the turn feels, but after that we're looking at about 194 feet down (third largest coaster drop in the park once this is built), curves to the right, then to the left, then into the 60 feet tall speed hill and out of your seat. 3) Final camelback, helix, and finish. This is the crucial element, in my opinion. The final camelback is about 140 feet high (similar to Diamonbacks second hill at 131 feet), so it should have good airtime. Then into the helix.... On that video, it looks so-so, but how will it feel? If there were ever a spot to incorporate near-miss head choppers, this is it. If it's a disorientating rush that makes you keep your hands down in fear, the ride as a whole will be a big winner. If it just feels like it's burning off speed to get into the brake run then it will still be good, but not one of the best. The presence of nearby foliage throughout almost every drop of this ride will increase the feeling of speed, like what MF has.
  10. Not outside of the southwest Ohio area, unfortunately.
  11. Do you really consider it over 300 feet if the observation deck is only at 275? This is clearly a budget Eiffel Tower, and Cedar Fair despises Kings Island.
  12. I'm talking more in terms of theming than actual ride elements outlined on the plans.
  13. The video looks very interesting, thanks for doing that! It looks like a pretty fun ride. It will be interesting to experience the first banked turn. It looks like there's about 2 seconds of sideways air time there which should be thrilling from that height (I think I saw that it crested at 180 feet?) and speed. The turn around is also going to be interesting to see how it feels, and the section right after the turn around looks fantastic. Also how will the airtime of the final camelback transition into the positive G's of the helix? Post helix looks pretty tame. Love that it's going to be in amongst the trees rather than out in the open. I'm still wondering if there will be another small surprise added in that we haven't seen from the plans. I think this will be everyone's favorite ride in the park for a long time.
  14. That's what I use too! If you're packing for 2 like I am a couple of zipper cargo pockets are plenty for a couple cards, IDs, car keys, and phone.
  15. I'm thinking your timeline is pretty much correct. Putting in a massive coaster in 2020, and it's been a while since there was a new water park/kids ride, so that makes sense for them to be up again soon. I'm hoping the 24'-25' seasons see a similar push we've seen the past couple years for Coney Mall, but for the Action Zone and maybe Oktoberfest. I'd like to see a full re-theming of the area. Maybe a year-round scary theme that fits well with Banshee, Bat, and Adventure Express. There's already really good flats there, so I'd like a solid coaster which compliments Banshee well. A dive makes a lot of sense for Kings Island, although I'd rather see them get away from B&M for a bit. Likely it would be in the former SOB area, but also maybe replacing Invertigo and Congo Falls up by the main gate.
  16. Same here, and I agree with those ranks. Cedar Point obviously has the most extreme collection of coasters. If you like extreme that's the place to go. Kings Island is very diverse. Their wood line-up (Racer, Beast, Mystic Timbers) is maybe not the best wooden line-up out there, (Dollywood and Holiday World are probably the top 2) but it ranks among the best. A solidly themed dark-launch coaster in FoF, Banshee, and Diamondback round out the top of the steel coasters. Vortex, Backlot, Bat, and Invertigo are good in the mid ranged steels. A giga next year helps a lot. If your prefer wooden coasters I can see Kings Island being #1. Carowinds when I went last year had two very high end coasters in Fury and Intimidator. Afterburn and Nighthawk were solid too. After that, there's not a lot unless you're into standing coasters (Vortex). Copperhead Strike looks nice, but not enough to help Carowinds overcome KI's line-up, especially with a giga next year. Kings Dominion has outstanding landscaping, but the coasters are lacking compared to the other Cedar Fair parks I've been to. Intimidator 305 and Twisted Timbers are both very good. Dominator and FoF are good too.
  17. Right, I agree. Or like Carowinds and Dollywood both did this year. But what I was saying was 2 totally different projects, with different themes, in different areas. Like a space themes Giga in X-base and a Plants vs Zombies movie in Action Theater.
  18. Seems weird to open the action theater the same year as a major coaster though, no? It would be a perfect thing to do during a year with small additions. Unless it's related somehow. Maybe an educational movie on constilations or a making-of video for the new ride?
  19. Would be kinda nice if there were a thread just for talking about ride elements, homemade POVs, and construction updates. (And theming) Then another thread for all the other stuff.
  20. That was really well done, I only wish there was a VR version. Flying by all those trees in the back, The Racer, and through the supports makes this feel so fast. One of my few complaints about Fury is the openness of it. I love how tight the space gets in the back end. edit: and now that I'm looking even more closely, every time this coaster valleys out it's among trees, except for right after the speed hill, post turn around where it's weaving through the supports. Last pictures I saw showed there were still trees standing where the ride bottoms out right before the helix also, which weren't in the video.
  21. I definitely get the disappointment here. I don't think when this all started anyone expected this to come in almost 40 feet shorter than Fury. Part of the experience with a ride like Fury is seeing it for the first time, towering over everything, knowing it is without a doubt the "big one". It's unfortunate that being located at the very back of the park, and close to WindSeeker this really won't look very impressive. The 301 foot drop is good enough. 19 feet shorter than Fury, and it will be hard to tell a difference. Could they have stuck a couple more camel backs on the end to match the length? Sure, but those final two humps aren't what make Fury fun anyway. The elements of this ride look really solid, and it should provide a unique experience. 2030 giga anyone?
  22. So I found a flyover vid that was uploaded today, and looks pretty recent (I think the work behind FoF is happening, but not 100% sure). Qualities not great but it does give a decent look of the overall current clearing. It has me wondering how tight some of this track will be to the tree line. One thing I didn't like about Carowinds big coasters was the parking lot view they provided. This will sure not be that. I copied the attached image from this youtube video:
  23. It's pretty hard to be exact at this moment with the tools we have, but it does also look like the horizontal distance from the peak of the lift hill to the first valley is about 50ish feet longer on this than it is on Fury. Could mean a longer drop or different angle of descent though. So hard to tell, but it will be interesting to find out where this falls.
  24. So entirely possible the drop is bigger than Fury's (320 ft.), but the height is shorter. So who gets bragging rights? Shouldn't marketing just get out there and dig a 30 foot hole under the peak of the lift hill so they can say their's is taller too? I wonder if they'll add a tunnel element through the ravine just to give it the feeling of going underground.
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