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  1. I will say this: Cedar Fair has closed the gap between the two really fast, and the argument can be made that either one is better. I thought the park had gotten really good in the mid 00's under Paramount as mainly a theme park. What it lacked in big rollercoasters it made up for in smaller coasters and flats that were well themed. When CF took over and stripped away all the theming, shut down SOB, Tomb Raider, and Action Theater in the first few years I felt like the park was at it's low point. Today the argument can be made that they have such a diverse collection of coasters that they could be considered top 5 in wood AND top 5 in steel, and are the only park that can come close to claiming that. The food has come a looooong way in the last 2-3 years in my opinion. Their Fast Lane system beats the hell out of CPs since the latter tends to dump you off 15-20 minutes away from the station on a lot of rides. One of the biggest advantages I think KI has that hasn't been mentioned is the layout of the park. Interestingly both parks are listed at 364 acres, but because the park has chosen to build so many out and back style coasters situated around a central hub KI has far less land you have to walk. This means there's several spots where you can go from one ride to the next (like the DB/MT/Beast trio, Orion/FF) within a minute or two. CP has very little of this, and the majority of my time spent there is spent riding then walking to and from their top rides that are all pretty spread out. Nobody beats CP in terms of record breaking intense rollercoasters, and the lake view isn't bad either. But yeah, as of 2020 I'd say I prefer KI.
  2. Which media sites are you checking for GP reaction? The initial Twitter post about it looks like it's getting about 80-90% positive comments, with most of the negative comments coming from the same people over and over again. Their posts since then regarding track showing up have had no negative comments. Plus the huge crowd at the announcement seemed fired up, and a couple national news outlets (CNN and USA Today) ran stories on it.
  3. Maybe, but the first picture they've shown of both Orion and ET together is at an angle that favors Orion. I still think it's just matter of they wanted a giga because we wanted a giga but the price of steel was too high to make it something ridiculous.
  4. It looks way more like a taller/faster/mcbr-less Apollo's Chariot than Diamondback to me.
  5. And also, just speaking strictly coaster lineups, is anyone closer to boasting top 3 steel AND top 3 wooden at any one park?
  6. It's a giga. Are there taller and faster out there? Yeah, but not by enough to really matter. It's tall and fast like it's supposed to be. It will probably be reliable and lines will be short. 1 out of 7 in the entire world, and it's right there at KI. Just in terms of coasters, I'd take a park with Orion, Diamondback, Banshee, Beast, Mystic Timbers, and Flight of Fear over any east coast park not named Cedar Point. Add an RMC in 3-4 years and it's close.
  7. Someone mentioned looking at the MT blueprints and they did not show the tunnel on the turn around, so it's a possibility.
  8. That little orbiting design resembles the helix. I'm wondering if it will have some kind of theming in it like a planet or moon the ride will orbit around.
  9. Not only that, but the darn thing is already being built! Clearings been done for months, a lot of footers have already been poured.
  10. Just a reminder that this picture, including the 355, was drawn in 1956 and was not a KI creation. Just a Christmas/sci-fi themed picture for FoF during Winterfest.
  11. Finally a theme that will make sense to me.
  12. Just don't show it to him or he might make you sleep on the couch tonight!
  13. I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised here. The Diamondback helix isn't really a good comparison. The Project X helix comes after a 140-ish foot hill which is taller than the 2nd hill after the drop on DB, right before the turnaround so it will be going in with much more speed. It also ascends about 110 feet in the helix. I'm guessing it will be overbanked at the top and feel something like a gyroscope. Oh, and it will be weaving through it's own supports on the way down. To be honest, it may even end up being the signature element of the ride just based off so many of the fence posters emphasizing gravitational pull or positive G-type elements. And hey, if nothing else that helix on The Beast isn't too bland.
  14. I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason that isn't the least bit entertaining.
  15. They didn't go the direction I thought they would with what appears to be state abbreviations. Idaho, Nevada, 2 Arizona's, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, and whatever "HR" is. What does it mean? Does it even mean anything?
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