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  1. I'm not sure if you're saying these teasers are terrible, or if you're saying everyone who complained was wrong but if it's the latter I'm not sure if I'd agree yet.
  2. The ride was originally called Outer Limits: Flight of Fear
  3. I rode it but honestly can't remember what it was like, kind of bugs me.
  4. I've noticed the rattle on both Diamondback and Banshee but neither one really bothers me much. Personally it does seem to have gotten worse since last season on both coasters, but I still think both of them ride great.
  5. Yeah I've noticed it's often closed. I've been on it 2-3 times this season though.
  6. Oh awesome man. Have you ever ridden Mystic Timbers? EDIT: Yeah I guess you probably have..It's been two years already lol.
  7. I'm so sure you guys are right, and at the same time I kind of want to go down the rabbit holes for a while, lol.
  8. I wonder if there isn't really any big mystery here. If you look back at the original Invertigo poster, it's got all kinds of things written on it that I think most people wouldn't be able to understand. If you look at the second version, much of it would make a lot more sense to the average reader. I'm leaning towards the idea that they put up the wrong posters to begin with and ended up switching them out real quick.
  9. I clicked on this and was so convinced I was going to hear Rick Astley that I was kind of taken aback when it didn't happen.
  10. This being said, would you say it's no use trying to glean anything from these? Are teasers clues, or are they just things thrown out to screw us up? I've never been a part of this with a coaster before so I'm actually asking, not being a smart ass. It seems to me that from these first two posters at least, there's a bit of a theme. I understand that maybe putting two Vekomas on there might screw some people up, but as far as I can tell the enthusiast community at large is aware this is a B&M. I guess put simply, is there any point in trying to decipher these?
  11. lol man you are gunning for Invertigo so hard. For what it's worth I doubt it'll be going anywhere soon. Maybe this comment will age terribly though, lol.
  12. That's a good question. Maybe beginning to end is not the most accurate way to put it? Maybe it's more accurately translated as "years of operation"? I'm not an industry professional, and I don't know what challenges the park may be currently facing with Invertigo. If it were me running the park, however, I wouldn't want to follow up the announcement of a new ride, by announcing the closure of an old one if I could help it. Invertigo may very well be on the chopping block in the (relatively) near future, but I really don't see them removing it before they're ready to build something else there unless it's absolutely necessary. I really think Invertigo is safe for 2020, just my two cents though. If the next posters start cropping up with something else where AZ is, then maybe that says something.
  13. Oh it's definitely B&M. @XBeastGirlX was refering to the teaser posters and how the manufacturers of the coasters are listed there. To be quite honest, it's been established that Project X was a B&M coaster for some time now. It's probably a good policy to skim through the thread before commenting on major things like that.
  14. Yeah that was my first thought as well. @Imperial79 had the best answer I think with it meaning beginning and end.
  15. Yeah I'm excited for when that pattern emerges.
  16. Firehawk's inclusion makes some sense to me at least because it's the ride this thing is replacing. It was a part of the "Project X" experiments and obviously served it's purpose so they're moving on to the next phase. The one I'm more curious about is Invertigo. Why that one? Assuming there are going to be more posters put up on the fence, ostensibly for other coasters, Invertigo seems like a really weird place to start. Is there some significance to that? Or is it simply because they both share the same manufacturer?
  17. Is there a reason you can't just say what you think it means rather than winking?
  18. "BMV, Synonymous with fun!" wrote their slogan for them.
  19. New coaster will be built by B&M. Same people who built Diamondback and Banshee
  20. Yeah I do too but if it was that would be sweet. This thread has been slow for too long I missed the energy, lol.
  21. What are your thoughts about that? Any ideas why? Well right that's what I'm saying but then they have to move all the posters to move them left every time they put one up. I can't think of a good reason why you'd do it that way.
  22. No idea I've been wondering that myself. Right now I'm thinking it's less likely they'll move them and more likely they'll just keep putting stuff to the left of them, because why would you set it up so you have to move each one every time you put up a new one, right? So either they're going to move them, KI is the end, or maybe they aren't going to spell anything.
  23. It's also possible that they're just the initials for KI but that when put together the posters will all say something together. KIGIGA for example. I'm not saying that's what it's going to say, but I'm thinking we'll continue to see more posters with letters and in the end they'll spell something out.
  24. Does anyone want to go in on a business venture with me? I've just been inspired for the name of a bar near Cedar Point.
  25. As a couple others noted when I asked about those numbers earlier, those are also the number of years the rides are/were there. 11 and 20 for Firehawk and Invertigo respectively.
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