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  1. two of those songs are already on the train. I don't know why The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly theme isn't on there yet.
  2. Well then what does AD mean then?
  3. I currently work on the K.I.&M.V.R.R. and the crew has been talking about updating the songs. So I wanted to know what you guys think would fit the mood of this classic ride.
  4. So I am currently working on the crew for the railroad as a conductor for the 2019 season and I have a lot to say. In my time on the crew I have learned a lot about the ride. First, the ride length is 1.3 miles and lasts around 8 minutes depending on the driver. From what I've heard the trains used to travel in the opposite direction and enter into the engine shed and the other end by Mystic. Feel free to correct me on any of this if I'm wrong. The train used to have a post office shed type building on the other side of the station that the crew used to use, but it was removed for Mystic. I have heard that either the shed was either torn down or moved somewhere else. There are six cars for each train, but the back three cars can be removed for days with less guests. The old west town is currently decorated for Halloween. When it comes to the house I do know a bit of information regarding what is inside it, but I don't want to get in trouble by telling you all. There are many groundhogs that live near the fort and they can been seen quite often during the summer. The music on the train is controlled by the conductor on the front using a small panel with 9 buttons. The songs on the panel can be changed but it doesn't happen too often. I must say one of the best things about working on the train is the people. It makes my day to have a nice conversation with a guest about the park. The engineers are some of the nicest associates in the park and they really care about the trains. While the season is coming to a close if you are ever at KI feel free to come to the train and talk to me I'll be there this Sunday, the 12th, and the 20th. My name is Eli btw. I'm not afraid of people knowing who I am. I've also heard rumors of new things happening to the train. The main one is a sort of retheme of the 12 days of Christmas theme to something else, but that's just a rumor. I've also heard talks of maybe adding a new scene and sorta sprucing up the ride. I know many of the higher ups really like the train. That's all I have for now and feel free to ask me anything about this great ride.
  5. My guess is its for the construction of Orion. They probably want to make sure to have nothing in their way of the work they need to do. And I'm pretty sure part of Orion's construction work has to do with FOF's line.
  6. I currently work at the park in rides and I have mentioned putting in a museum into the park to some higher ups. While none of the higher ups I talked to would have anything to do with the decision they liked the idea.
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