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  1. I think the timing of it is perfect. If you cut the hours of operation then people are less likely to go even if they aren't going to stay the whole 5 hours. People like having the option to stay longer even if they don't. This also happens during Haunt, and it's why they aren't open till 1 am anymore. Even with them closing at 12 that last half hour to an hour is a ghost town. That just means its a perfect time to squeeze in as many rides as possible in the end. While that last hour might seem useless because no one is there, that hour just being there helps get guests in the park even if they leave before it.
  2. The paths are definitely big enough. There is another path on the back side of the helix that you can't see. They took out that part of the helix for the intent of retracking, not easier access. They've been replacing the supports in the helix year after year for a while. I don't know if the park will announce it, but I hope they do. In my time of going to the park and working there this is the biggest project I've ever seen for The Beast. 2022 is going to be a good year for The Beast.
  3. Unfortunately it seems Cedar Fair is too big for that to happen. I sadly never got to experience the og trains. Luckily the ride has no airtime so we're not missing out on too much.
  4. I think some old school charm could really go a long way. While the lake will never return I think they could find a way to get the old water chute to work.
  5. Yeah that looked cool but apparently guests loved throwing trash in it and there was lots of bugs around the water constantly.
  6. I could definitely see that for the future. My guess is they'll finish Racer first. As far as the helix goes I saw some markers there the last weekend of operation and my guess is it's getting a bit of tlc.
  7. As the season just wrapped up The Beast Crew and I have been talking about old things that used to be on The Beast that we would like to see make a comeback. We looked at the original music that played on the first lift and the backstory signs near the entrance. I'm interested in what you guys would want to see back at The Beast.
  8. The hand rails in the station at beast were painted twice this year. Once during an extensive closure and again during when we were closed on weekdays. The signs could use a refresh and the floors definitely could be replaced.
  9. My understanding is some of the new paint is Baynum and the other stuff is being done by the park. The Eifel Tower is probably the hardest to paint with it being so complex. I imagine Drop Tower is a piece of cake in comparison.
  10. Yes, and it already has been repainted. funny enough no one has really noticed. they did it when the park was closed on weekdays. I worked at backlot recently and you could really see a difference.
  11. I've been going to Haunt as long as I can remember, but I for the most part was terrified of the mazes. In 2019 I took a brave step forward and went through 3 mazes, Kill Mart, Cavern of Terror, and Urgent Scare. In 2020 there was no Haunt so in 2021 I was looking forward to the mazes for the first time in my life. I can proudly say that this year I have gone through every maze, even though there are only 5. I'd like to share my thoughts on each going from my favorite to least favorite. Slaughterhouse was a very classic feeling house with a lot of gore. This one definitely has a lot of props and some of the best scare actors in the park. It's a solid, fun maze. Kill Mart is very unique with the store setting, but expect long lines. There is a very nice mix of props and zombie actors. Cavern of Terror has easily the best setting being in the crypt. The queue line is amazing, and the maze is too. My only issue with cavern is most of the actors have the same costume. Cornered is the corn maze for this year and is definitely where the quality drops for me. The maze itself is basically just corn and hay, but the actors get very creative. There were a group of teenage girls in front of us and watching the scare actors work was a ton of fun. Last is Chaos, and this maze is just weird. It starts off strong with the idea of travelling to space and you start in a lab with some not very scary scientists, and the first part of the space section is actually neat. But then most of the maze is just a mirror maze with some basic scares thrown in that aren't great. The best scare is the compressed air in the end. Its a bad maze now but it has a lot of potential. I know this post is super long but I just wanted to share my experience going from dreading the mazes to growing a love for them. My advice to anyone scared of mazes is to go during this last weekend and go in Chaos with your hands on your ears. It might seem childish but not hearing the sounds as loudly can help you build the confidence needed. Enjoy this last weekend of Haunt everyone and Happy Halloween.
  12. From what I've heard I believe he is staying in Mason. I know he's been in the area for a long time, and I don't see a reason for him to move if KI has all of the resources he needs. My guess is he's going to be a doing a lot more business trips.
  13. two of those songs are already on the train. I don't know why The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly theme isn't on there yet.
  14. Well then what does AD mean then?
  15. I currently work on the K.I.&M.V.R.R. and the crew has been talking about updating the songs. So I wanted to know what you guys think would fit the mood of this classic ride.
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