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  1. I wonder if any serious thought has been given to renovation at Boo Blasters back into Phantom Theater. I know guests talk about it a lot, but the park has to be impressed with the great reception to the show.
  2. Sometime this summer, woof. Here's hoping that means early June and not mid July.
  3. I just watched Airtime Thrills new video where he gave his all time Kings Island coaster ranking. He included ones he never got to ride. I decided to take some and figure mine out. I won't include anything I never personally went on, however. Wondering what everyone else would have for theirs... My all time ranking: 1. Orion 2. Beast 3. Diamondback 4. Banshee 5. Mystic Timbers 6. Firehawk 7. Vortex 8. Adventure Express 9. The Bat/Flight Deck/Top Gun 10. Son of Beast 11. Racer 12. Italian Job/Backlot Stunt Coaster 13. Outer Limits/Flight of Fear 14. Ivertigo 15. Beastie/Woodstock Express 16. King Cobra 16. Rugrats/Flying Ace Aerial Chase 17. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster
  4. It's just become more and more difficult to have a great ride-centric day at CP. Due to crowds and extreme downtime issues, we spent less time than ever inside the park during our 5 day trip in July. Staying at Breakers, we spent a significant amount of time at the Beach, pools and CP Shores. With no Dragster or Valravn (down for 2 weeks including when we were there) plus regular daily downtime on Maverick, SV, Magnum and Raptor, it wasn't the best. That's been my experience a lot in the last 3-4 years. 2020 with the access passes was nightmarish and the extreme FLP lines on busy days even scuttles the value of paying another $150 per person to get that add on. Restrooms remain an ugly problem as well, and food quality/service is spotty and certainly below what you generally get at KI.
  5. darn, scary stuff. Balder is down for a full year full retrack. Colossos was closed for multiple seasons as the ride was completely redone as well. If SF is willing to keep El Toro, I think they need to follow suit and fully retrack it, not the patch job they did last year.
  6. I know we take a critical look at things often as enthusiasts for the park. I must say, however... I love Kings Island and the atmosphere they've worked to create. So many great things happening. I still hope for a big new coaster to fill The Vortex plot in the coming years, but pretty much every time there is a new announcement like this it makes me even more excited to get back.
  7. Over/under time to sell out is set at 5 minutes. I'll take the under.
  8. It's nearly impossible to describe how awful it was at BGW last season. The park's operation was a catastrophe. I was completely shocked by how poor the experience was. Made CP 2020 during the Access Pass season look like a VIP experience. Very concerned.
  9. Gutted for Kings Dominion if this happens. What a beautiful park, it would almost certainly be doomed. Awful. And their premium passes are ugly compared to the CF Platinum. Twice the price or more and not even parking included, except at the home park of purchase.
  10. Maybe we could just enjoy Orion and the rest of the KI lineup AND go ride this monster at Knotts if and when it gets built.
  11. I think they mostly knew the cause in short order after it happened. I keep coming back to XCelerator never closing, not even for a day, at Knotts. Compare that to Canada's Wonderland taking Yukon down to 1 train ops immediately on the day of Valravn's train bump in 2019 (I happened to be there that day). Now, XCelerator remains open and was just given a brand new paint job. If they never re open Dragster it will be for cost savings and to avoid more regional media scrutiny, which was very heavy last August. It would greatly reduce the park and guest experience. It's honestly the only "irreplaceable" major coaster at the park, as the launch type is no longer used and it's replacement (see Red Force) is thought to be a lot less thrilling/aggressive.
  12. Orion has the best first drop on of any NA GIGA. I re-rode all 5 last summer and came away clear on that ranking (Orion, Fury, Leviathan, MF and I305 in that order). It's an outstanding ride. There are so many things to be angry about in this world, I can't imagine choosing such a hill to die on. It's not Fury, but nothing is right now. Knotts and it's year round operation in the middle of the second largest metro area in America might surpass it, but KI still got a great ride that adds to one of the deepest coaster lineups anywhere in North America. Oh yeah, and the park is beautiful and has VASTLY superior food and beverage offerings to Cedar Point. Only Knotts is on its level in that area in the chain. That's my two cents.
  13. Kings Dominion has the perfect International Street, at least to me. The updated one at KI is still beautiful, and it sets the tone every time I'm there for a great day and then a great end to the night when we walk out. I miss the larger trees and lived in atmosphere that Dominion has, but I hope I never take it for granted. My home park of Canada's Wonderland's International Street feels a bit less special but still beautiful. The bridge over the water near the mountain is great.
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