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  1. That's not going to happen. Cedar Fair gives out tons of cash in a dividend they just temporarily stopped. Worst case is new projects will be temporarily stopped until the park begins making a substantial amount of revenue again. I do imagine that the revenue will uptick when the park announces an opening date due to the extended time add-ons like 1.5 year Fast Lane or meal plan. I am pretty surprised that KI isn't putting an online store up for most/all of their merch as that would be a good way to supplement sales during this time. Worst case is that they issue some long-term bonds and will reduce capital improvements for the next couple years.
  2. The zero-G roll at the end is always a favorite of mine, but I do like back row coming out of the 3nd inversion. Being pulled faster through the inversions is fun, but I think the 3rd gets it the best.
  3. I'm actually a tax accountant, so I'll explain some stuff if you'd like. A majority of companies in the US use what is effectively called Double Declining Depreciation. This method is also recommended by the IRS as it encourages additional spending from businesses purchasing capital assets. What it effectively does, is that you take the published age of the asset's life from the IRS guidelines. You then take the initial purchase price + what it costs to install the asset and make it operational (construction, initial maintenance, electricians, ect.) minus the salvage/resale value (almost all assets have one, it's rarely 0). You then take this number and divide it by the age of the asset and multiply by 2. Repeating this calculation every year by subtracting 1 from the denominator and taking the current book value for the numerator. For example, say you had a $11 million asset that has a useful life of 10 years and a salvage value of $1 million. You'd depreciate $2 million in the first year, $1.778 million the second year, $1.556 million the third year, and so on. This method of depreciation allows companies to incur larger capital expenditures in the first few years of owning an asset which would reduce their overall tax liability for that tax year, thus encouraging spending.
  4. Kings Island isn't an essential business, so they can't begin training until the stay at home order is lifted either may 1st, or if Ohio pushed it back again. After that happens though, it should only take them roughly 2 weeks to get everything up and running, since they did a lot of legwork before the order was issued, and I think maintinence is still working.
  5. Concessions is there, but it's kinda bad, so most of the money would be spent there as well as general quality of life improvements. Also, the band wouldn't necessarily be getting just the upcharge, but also maybe a bit extra from KI for drawing additional guests to the park. No idea what bands though, it's just a thought.
  6. I'd really like to see parades on the holidays. Sure marching bands come every once in a while, but a scheduled parade route with marching bands from various high schools (and colleges especially, go cats) would be a fantastic experience for everyone involved. A pretty easy parade route would start from juke box and work to the front gate via dodgems. If you were able to walk up the hill, you could extend it to beast. There's a large open paved area back there. Beauty of it is that you'd only have to give free admission plus a small transportation fee to the schools, so it's a win win for almost everyone. On another note, I'd like to see timberwolf get used more than once a year for spirit song. It takes up such a large space that could otherwise be used for expansion potential, and the venue itself could be quite good if you just pump a few million into renovations. Free or $5-10 concerts with admission could be a real draw for many. (Not to mention the concessions revenue that timberwolf has, it makes a killing from spirit song)
  7. It's probably the fireworks, that's all I can imagine since I figure the trees surrounding the park would absorb the rest of the sound.
  8. Gotta remember though, it's the favorite pastime of people to buy cheap land next to a loud thing like an amusement park or airport, and then file noise complains.
  9. Ah I gotcha. Let me know if you want to buy more btw, I can provide them to anyone for $37.99 shipped with 2-3 day domestic shipping.
  10. Bubble packaging is closer to $0.50 each in bulk and with USPS first class shipping being at most $4 if it's to California. This is with the commercial price for USPS, not the individual price. $7.35 sounds like the priority mail price. On a side note, the eBay ones are actually marginally cheaper than what KI is selling for online, so that's something.
  11. A lot of trucks drive under racer nowadays since before Orion started construction, there used to be a large warehouse behind there. I believe it was for games, but maybe merch as well.
  12. $6 is too much. I've shipped a lot of these across the country, and when they come in at ~8oz, it's about $3.25 on average for USPS first class. Add another $0.75 at most for administrative and overhead costs and you get $4. With tax, these are $45, which is the same price as eBay, but you get more buyer protection through eBay.
  13. I only rode red racer this season and I couldn't ride it again. I felt like my spine was being jerked every which way and came off it needing to lie down for a while.
  14. Very true that this is from 2018, missed that. As for the name brands, anything that I haven't mentioned in my post are run fully by KI food staff. So places like Graeters, Cinnabon, Skyline, Subway, ect. are staffed and run by KI hired persons. The only thing with the name brands is that they generally have to order their stuff from the supplier of that brand, and the brands come in every once in a while to check on quality/do training at the beginning of the season. I'm pretty sure that I was told that MBA bought the rights to run the stands. I'm pretty sure they aren't a subcontractor. Most likely a profit sharing agreement if I had to guess.
  15. I know this is old, but I just got back on the forum. CFA and Panda are not the only outsourced food options. Tom and Chee should be, or it at least was at one point. In addition, any food stands or trucks set up are independently run. The only exception to this is the food during Spirit Song (pizza truck, main structure, and carts), and the festival thing they did in June. Also, Midwest Beverage Association has been controlling a handful of stands on and off for the past few years. Juke Box is one that's been mostly theirs since 2016ish, same with Snoopy Grill. I also know they run the shaved ice cart outside slingshot and I believe have always done that since it reopened. They use the same ordering structure as the rest of KI, but their management/employees are run separately. They may have taken more stands since I stopped working for food in 2017, but that's what I know. You can tell they're employees of MBA by looking at their uniforms, it'll have the logo of MBA on it. Also, I'd like to say that I have never failed to see the manager at Tom and Chee there, when I would get to the park at 8amish, he was always setting up his stand or running around. Never talked with the guy, but I must say he is really committed to the job. And this was many, many openings.
  16. Hello all, I am able and willing to get a hold of these as well as current ones as well. I will also ship anywhere in the world. I have quite a few Orion ones and hope to get more SoB and Vortex ones in during the coming days. I also have Diamondback, Beast, Mystic Timbers, and Banshee available as well. If you are interested, please send me a PM and I can provide you with more information.
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