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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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    PKI IS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fear Fest as much as I love the acual park!!! PKI has it all!!!!!!!!
  1. PKIbabe89

    Backwards Racer

    off topic, I work at The Racer and i heard some changes will possibly be done to the ride next year. Such as removing the break sheds so both sides can see who really won. Also painting the blue side blue and the red side red instead of just leaving it white and lastly, taking the big fence that seperates both sides so anyone could just walk up and choose which side they want to ride. It may no longer go backwards, but dramatic changes may be happening
  2. Im on The Racer. I think i'm more enthusiastic when i work on the Red side because i dunno...the blue side just doesn't really get that much attention. Everyone loves the red side. But we often talk back and forth from boths stations telling each other to hurry up or which side can scream the loudest. it also depends on the day, since racer isn't as popular like the other rides, we kind of lack in speiling and do the normal "robot" speil.
  3. hahaha i know who said that on The Racer! Troy. thats so weird
  4. HI, i am one of the associates working at The Racer. During the morning, we only open up one side (usually red) because we only have 3 workers come in in the morning. During the day we run both sides and race them. And around 8 pm at night, we close the blue side down because Swings leave at 8 and only like 4 people work till close, which is enough to run the red side. Hope this helped.
  5. I guess i understand the way your feeling. If an associate said that to me, i would be embarressed... and kinda upset.
  6. Monster speil "Enjoy your ride on the monster, it goes under water ..or does it??....WHOOOOP!!" Racer speil "Enjoy your ride on The Racer it goes upside down not once, not twice, actaully none at all!"
  7. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I've had plenty of experiences with line jumping especially FOF. I work at KI and i will make sure no line jumping happens on my ride.
  8. I was super impressed by this year! First off, THE FOG WAS AMZING!! As soon as we entered the park, the fog really set the mood. The decorations were creative and the monsters at the entrance did a super good job. We were waiting outside of the park for 20 minutes for the park to open and there were like 10 rows of large lines of people waiting to get in. Monsters were even scaring people as they waited in line to get in the park...it wasn't dark yet so it was more like humor entertainment. we entered the park and headed to club blood first. I thought that haunt was pretty cool, i did jump
  9. Grr it's killing me the fact i'm sitting at home at my computer while Fear fest is going on. I'm going next friday...but i can't wait to see what it's like
  10. you didn't stay for fear fest?
  11. Will Maze of Madness (now Aslym) have the same Sirens? or like music? just curious cuz the sirens made the maze more confussing hehe
  12. Aww i love SOB but i can understand why it's probably the least favorite ride due to the accidents and the jerkyness...i guess I just thought of this... they took away the name "beastie" and made it into a fairly Odd parent coaster, now SOB possibly will be gone...so The Beast family has parted??
  13. Tomb Raider Beast Flight of Fear Drop zone Vortex
  14. PKIbabe89


    Nooo!! that was the one ride i was proud to get on in the front seat with my arms up...they can't take it away
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