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  1. how bout a hmmmm wel nickelodeon cant be a to intense ride .................... idk wut they would put in for a new nick ride late.......mabe a retheming for somthing
  2. seriously that looks sweet!!!!!
  3. psyco path is retarted no1 waste ur time on it untill they send in small gruops where is is BRAVE tunnel???????!!!!!!!!
  4. The longet wait 4 me was Top Thrill Dragster 6 1/2 hrs i was one of the first ones on!!!! Millenium Force is Still Better!!!!!! Cedar Point is the Best!!! ( sorry PKI )
  5. This will be a huge topic, but stupid b/c people willl argue thru 46843464465357 pages!
  6. Its just a fun idea to think a bout. still flying would be the best!
  7. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Altho it would be cool to have a gieant snake in your house! or not Did u have like 500 rabits????? wut the hell do u feed that thing???? i mean i have a 1ft long corn snake, but sorry i don't leep with it!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO KNOW WUT HE DID UNDER THE COVERS TO THOSE 4 SNAKES!!!!!!!! DISTURBING IMAGES!!!!!! The post wouldn't let me have enough emotions!!!!!!
  8. I want to see how many PKIC members are going and want to say "HI!"
  9. I asked this gay kid i knew what his scariest ride at PKI is n he said"the Eiffel Towerb/c some one told me it was held together by rubber bands n if 1 breaks it will fall down!!!!" it cracks me up every time!! (he is really 14 yrs old!!!!!!! LOL he is so retarted
  10. BeastBuzz looks like the coolest thing at PKI to go to!!! Going inside FOF, Wherre The Beast is. But how the hell do you get invited??????!!!!!!! If anyone has been to give me all the details!!!!
  11. I think it would be really cool if it changed to flying!!!!!
  12. ummmm 21 DAYS!!!!!!!! im a youngun
  13. Thanks HauntGuy, it works and it f'n sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I think the best traint to reverse is on Vortex!!!!!!
  14. wait where did u get The Beast video???????!!!!!! plz tell me!!!!!
  15. does it really cost money to download?!!!!?
  16. Me n my friend had just ate chili cheese fries and tropical dip n dots n decided to go on the Delerium. after that my friend said i dont fell that good. So we sat down 4 a wile. Then he was better and decided to go on Drop Zone for the 1st time. 3/4s the way up he said "i'm about to upchuck!" At the top i said "hold it in!" Then he said "I cant!" and it was like a wave of barf as he threw up on the way down and drenched 7 seats!!!They had to close the ride for like 10 minutes to hose the seats down. O and did i mention i was cover in digested chili cheese fries n dip n dots? FOR REAL
  17. THE MOST FUNNIEST thing ever was when me n my friends were on face/off we saw a group of workers talking under the lift hill. So we had a contest to see who could drop a lugi on em. I NAILED this bald guy right on the head!!!!!! Al the ppl around him were pionting abd laughing it was THE funniest!!!!!
  18. O I will beat u to it or we will tie and ride it together. But I'll beat u.
  19. therre used to be one of every ride on pki.com but not now. try google.
  20. Why cant u tell us? Give us a good clue I'm REALLY into fear fest I go on every thing every year. I waited 3hrs for psyco path.
  21. WTF hulkster14? omg i'll just forget that one! Hands down it's Top Gun. There is never a wait, it's the same in every seat, it's boring, short, and they could put something better in it's spot.
  22. I think it is IJST don't get me wrong, I really like it it's just after the 5th ride it's not that great as the 1st ride. The least is SOB it never has more than a 10 minute wait. (usually it's 5 min)
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